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three more Gaara sketches for GS-Coyote


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ok..so i really tried to draw something comic style...and realized i cant seem to get the pictures smaller than my normal portrait style....*throws hands up in frustration* so...i gave up and did three separate pics...hope you like them....i just kinda got stuck on a Gaara kick...and i've never even seen any Naruto...*runs and hides* but i saw him in this one pose..and i thought how nice it would be were he to be attacked by a feather at just the right moment...i really hope you like them...ill just keep trying to draw an actual comic now...




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OMG!!! :lol:

The expression on Gaara's face in the second picture... TEEHEE!! :lol:

I love it mate, and i love the cute, clean cartoony (three c's :hug: ) look to it.

You never cease to impress and amaze me chui ;)

Awesomely AWESOME work!! :hug:

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BWAHAHAHAHA! SO CUTE!!! :D I just love his expression in the second pic!

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Okay, these have got to be some of the BEST ONES I've ever seen you do! :lmao::lol::hug:

The expression is AWESOME! Dude, I couldn't stop laughing at that second one....*snort* And you are getting amazing at "sneeze faces!" *is slightly jealous!* :lol:

I'm sure GS will totally spaz when she sees what you did!! :D:omg:


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im glad you guys like it....ive always loved the "dur...WTF....i see rufus" expression.... :D

*runs off to find more guys making funny faces*

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I've died!!! :lol::omg: I loved these pictures!!! They look just like him :lmao: I nearly fainted... WOW!! I LOVE it! You are so very talented, chui... So Hot :D

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im glad you liked them....*giggles and blushes* he really is so cute to draw, and lends himself to such expressions....


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