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Male Softball Ob


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So, since they drastically cut my hours at work, I was able to attend my oldest daughter's softball game last night. Hubby was in a rotten mood and stayed home, which was fine with me!! It meant that I got to look at all the cute dads who are coaches and watching their girls play softball, and that he couldn't tease me about it! :lol:

We got there before any of the coaches did, so I sat in my chair and waited. Well, finally, Coach Joe showed up. Coach Joe is cute. I wouldn't be like, he's hot, but he's definitely a nice looking man. He was weaing a white t-shirt, and a yellow baseball hat. He has dark, reddish-brown hair, with a goatee and moustache, a round face, cute little blue beady eyes, and a short, rounded nose that fits his roundish face. And right away, he started saying hello to the girls, and I got to hear his unique voice. This is important for this ob.

So, Coach Joe had just arrived, and I wasn't paying very close attention to him, but when he got neat the field, I heard a very masculine, medium volume, "Eh-chuh!" And, I definitely heard his voice in that sneeze. Plus, he was really the only male I could see close by, so it had to be him. And it was funny, because I was thinking, "That was a really cute sneeze, I hope I get to hear it again."

Later, about halfway through the game, when my parents and sister had arrived and were driving me crazy, I focused on our three male coaches. They were standing around, chatting, and then two of them walked away, leaving Coach Joe standing not to far from where I sat. Well, I was kind of glancing at him out of the corner of my eye, when his head thrust forward with a semi-loud, "HEH-CHUH!" And he caught the sneeze by just barely holding his hand underneath his nose, and I watched his short recovery. He sniffed once, and it sounded wet, but that was all, and then he was fine. But, no one blessed him, even though it was a damn nice sneeze. I was a bit too far away, or else I would have. Plus, my whole family was sitting behind me, and I didn't want to draw attention to the fact that I noticed his sneeze, although it was yummy!

Of course, being the good fetishist that I try to be, I kept a stray eye on Coach Joe, but he sneezed no more. I just hope I get to go to a few more games before the season is over. ;)

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Ummmm this sounds lovely!

It meant that I got to look at all the cute dads who are coaches and watching their girls play softball, and that he couldn't tease me about it! :lol:

You too eh? ;)

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This sort of thing always makes me wish I had some involvement in a reliable outdoor activity . . . not enough to actually do something about it, but I'm envious of other folks who get to hang out in potentially sneeze-inducing environments. Great obs -- he sounds like a cutie pie!

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Hmm, sneezing sportsmen is a particular fantasy of mine! Thank you for indulging it!

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