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She "called in" her sneeze


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I was speaking to a female co-worker at a branch in another town. After she said who she was and began “I. . .uh. . .’he-yish-shew!’. . .” I blessed her immediately and she said "Oh, thank you," kind as if her nose still had a tickle. She didn't sneeze again, however.

She apologized and said she tried to cover the receiver but her sneeze came on too fast. She said she didn’t mean to damage my eardrum.

Actually, her sneeze was a soft and dainty. It sounded very wet.

I told her not to worry. She didn’t damage my hearing. I wanted say thatl her sneeze was luscious, but held my fetish in check enough not to say that, lest she think I’m weird.

I’d love to hear about telephone sneezes you may have encountered and what you thought about them.

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Oh yeah, phone sneezes are excellent!

My partner has done a lot of them in the 6 years we've been together. We were a long distance couple at first for a while so we mostly only had the phone for communication. She'd sometimes have bouts of sneeziness where she'd sneeze every few seconds for about 10 sneezes. SO GOOD! Sometimes she'd hold the phone a bit away, but not always. Sometimes one would totally catch her by surprise. DELICIOUS!

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My boyfriend sneezes almost everytime when I talk to him on the telephone, which is frequently because we are in a long-distance relationship. It really turns me on, although I haven't told him. However, sometimes I coax him into a little phone ____. I don't think that he's made the connection between his sneezes and my arousal.

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