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Reuniting of Hearts (original fic, m) - (5 Parts)


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ok so in the first bit it's not all that sneezy, but if u guys like it and want me to continue there will be a lot more sneezing. please b honest and tell me what you think.

Emery sat on the couch with a blanket over her and her nose in a book. Her aunt was sitting in the rocking chair knitting something, possibly a blanket. Her aunt didn’t really know what it was either, she just said, “I’ll know when I’m finished”, to which Emery rolled her eyes and decided that no matter how bored she got she would never take up knitting. Her older brother Justin was on the phone with someone, but the conversation was ended. Emery was a rather nosy girl and she wanted to know who Justin was on the phone with.

“Guess who’s coming to the funeral?” Justin rushed into the living room and exclaimed.

At the mention of the funeral, Emery cringed. “Who?” She asked softly.

“Wanna guess?” Justin was grinning from ear to ear, and Emery knew that what he was going to say was not going to make her happy.

“Not really. Who?” Emery said flatly.

“Pryce.” Justin grinned evilly.

Emery shot up from the couch and grabbed her brother’s shoulder, “Pryce Wallace?!”

Justin chuckled and nodded, “uh huh.”

“Is that who you were on the phone with?” Emery asked.

Justin nodded, “yeah, he said he heard about Mom and wanted to come. He’ll be here tomorrow.”

“Oh God.” Emery fell, pail suddenly, back onto the couch.

“What? I thought you’d be thrilled.” Justin snickered.

“Your evil.” Emery said to him.

Justin gave a shrug, “I try.”

Emery looked out the window the next morning and found that a lovely blanket of flawlessly white snow had fallen on the ground, covering it completely. The 20 year old smiled to herself, “Maybe he won’t come now.” She said. “He hates snow. He should keep his tan ass in California.” She grumbled.

The time for the funeral came much more quickly than anyone wanted. Emery looked quite lovely in the form fighting black dress but she didn’t feel pretty, she felt anxious and sad; anxious that she was going to see Pryce once again, and sad well because hello, it was her mother’s funeral.

The cemetery wasn’t far from her aunt’s house, just down the road actually, so she decided that she’d walk instead of going off with her family. The walk gave Emery time to think. She thought about her mother, and of how she as sort of relieved that the woman had died. It was too hard to watch her suffer through the cancer. She also thought of Pryce; her childhood friend who she’d drifted apart from and had begun to hate. He was going to come to the funeral, she thought. She suddenly became rather self conscious and she wished she had a mirror.

The sight of all the black on top of that lovely white snow scared Emery slightly as she walked up behind her aunt and put her hand in her aunt’s. She scanned the sad, red faces of the cold mourners and found, rather happily but at the same time disappointed, that Pryce was not there.

Justin was crying but doing his very best to hide it. Emery grabbed his hand to and leaned against her older brother’s shoulder.

In the distance a shiny red sports car pulled into the cemetery. Justin squeezed Emery’s hand and motioned to the car, “guess who?” he whispered, wiping at his eyes with his free hand.

Emery was compelled to curse but with the minister being there and everything…she decided against it.

A very handsome man excited the sports car in a black suit and a black jacket over that. The jacket was nice looking; expensive looking and Emery gritted her teeth. Emery could see his light blue ghostly eyes even from afar. Pryce was striding towards her, his black shaggy hair blowing in the cold wind. He pulled his jacket to him and closed his eyes against the cold.

Emery couldn’t look at him anymore, she decided she had to focus on her mother’s funeral, that was the most important thing.

Pryce stayed back, not wanting to interrupt the goings on, but once the minister said his last words, Pryce walked up to Justin, and shook his hand. Then he hugged Myrtle, Justin and Emery’s aunt. “Thank you for coming.” Myrtle said softly, looking down at the snow.

Pryce looked at Emery with a rather cocky grin, “Hello Emmy.” He said using her nickname.

“Hello.” Emery said coldly. “How are you.”

“F-fide.” Pryce’s voice became congested suddenly. His lashes fluttered and his nostrils flared, suddenly he took his right gloved hand out of his pocket and covered his mouth and nose with it as he sneezed an exaggerated sneeze, “HyetCHOO!” Pryce grinned at Emery. “How about yourself?”

Oh shit, Emery thought, he remembers.

*hope this didn't suck too bad!

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Ummm, more please!!! Yes!! That was a great beginning and I am looking forward to the next installment with enthusiasm. Great descriptions and good story line!!!

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Ummm, more please!!! Yes!! That was a great beginning and I am looking forward to the next installment with enthusiasm. Great descriptions and good story line!!!

I completely agree!!! Please continue! I am quite intrigued...

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Me too. It's brilliantly set up, nice, believable characters, and a killer sneeze at the end leading to a cliffhanger.....what does he remember? We must know....especially if it involves lots of sneezing!

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well here is some more. there's not tons of sneezing but there's some, i'm sorry! i promise there will be some more soon if yall want me to keep writing.

“Bless you, Pryce.” Myrtle said, looking rather concerned.

Pryce sniffled pitifully but continued grinning at Emery, “thank you.”

Emery clenched her fists at her sides. She wanted to wipe that smug grin right of Pryce’s gorgeous and cocky face, but she resisted.

“Thank you so much for coming Pryce.” Myrtle gave a week smile. “My sister always was so fond of you, she always said you and her Emery would be married some day. Maybe now that you’ve returned- ”

“Uh Aunt Myrtle!” Emery blurted, cutting her aunt off from saying anything even more embarrassing than she already had. “We should be getting back, it’s cold.”

Aunt Myrtle nodded and looked to Pryce, “are you going to be staying with your parents?”

“Of course he is.” Emery said, grabbing her aunts hand once again in an effort to pull her away from Pryce.

“Actually my parents went up to the cottage to ski, and they didn’t know I was coming so…”

“You have no place to stay? What a shame?” Justin sneered.

Emery glared hard at her older brother.

“Of course you do!” Myrtle smiled. “You can stay with us, it’ll be nice to have a distraction from all…this.” She looked back at the casket which was being lowered into the ground. Myrtle went pale and looked as though she was going to faint. Justin and Pryce got on either side of her, Justin pushing his sister out of the way, and grabbed on to her arms. The two started walking Myrtle towards the limo that they would take back to the house. Emery thought it was silly to take a limo a few blocks down, but none the less that’s what they did. Emery stayed and watched the men put the dirt over the casket. Emery felt the urge to cry but for whatever reason, suppressed it. She simply said goodbye to her mother, and then trudged through the snow back to the house.

Once back at home, Emery was greeted by the sound of the tea kettle whistling, telling everyone that it was ready. She heard her aunt’s high heel shoes clicking on the kitchen’s tiled floor. She walked in and closed the door. Justin and Pryce were sitting on the couch and Pryce had her blanket around him.

“That’s my blanket.” Emery said.

“I know. You used to carry it around with you practically everywhere until you were about 13, right?” Pryce winked at her.

Emery snatched the blanket from him and held it to her. It was her baby blanket that her mother had made for her before she was born. Pryce sniffed harshly and looked up at the light, Emery could see what he was doing and she didn’t like it one bit.

“Heh-eh-HEHishoo!” Pryce’s head snapped forward and his dark hair fell in his lovely light blue eyes. He looked up at Emery and gave her a sinister smile.

Emery knew for sure now that he hadn’t forgotten her secret; her fetish. They’d been best friends since practically birth so of course she would have told him! She never would have thought that they would have grown apart in their teen years, and that if they ever reunited again that he would use it against her to make her less angry at him for what he’d done!

“God bless you, dear.” Myrtle came back in the living room and handed Pryce his tea. “Sounds like you could use this.”

Pryce gave a simple nod, “thank you, I’m not used to this weather anymore.”

“Right, since you moved to California to go to law school.” Emery said bitterly.

Pryce nodded, “yes, law school is going wonderfully, how’s community college?”

The way he said it was so demeaning that it made Emery's blood boil. Emery stood up with her blanket and stormed off up the stairs, she didn't have to take that kind of shit from him.

Justin laughed, he's her older brother and thus, making her life miserable brought enjoyment to him, and seeing Pryce torment her made him just as happy.

Pryce was chuckling too but he stopped short when a tickle returned to his slender, sensitive nose. Pryce brought his arm up to his face and sneezed twice more, “Huh-TCHIOO! Uh-shoo!”

“Oh dear, I hope your not catching a cold.” Myrtle said.

Pryce looked off in the direction that Emery had gone and smiled to himself, “oh, I don’t think my cold would be a problem…”

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ok, i figure i might as well keep going since some of u seem to like it. So heres the next part with more sneezing! i have more to add if yall decide u still want me to keep on going :laugh:

Emery paced in her room which is what she often did when she was angry or in deep thought, and at this moment she was both very angry and also thinking. That son of a bitch, she thought to herself, who does he think he is waltzing right back into my life and acting like some big-shot, asshole.

There was a knock at Emery’s door. Emery glared at the door, “don’t come in!” She ordered.

The door creaked open and Pryce poked his perfectly tanned face in her room. “So you live inn the attic? You know there’s an empty room downstairs right?”

“You’ll be staying down there.” I said.

“Yeah but when I’m not here…I just mean why do you stay up here when you could be downstairs in a real bedroom?”

“I like it up here,” Emery responded flatly. “Now could you please get the hell out of here, I told you not to come in.”

“Well you didn’t tell me exactly, you just told the general public.”

Emery’s eyes narrowed into dark slits, “get out.” The words came out slow and firm, but Pryce ignored her and came all the way in.

“Dusty in here.” He brought the back of his hand up to his nose and pressed it there. “Might start my allergies up…”

“You know what, ok, stop! You can’t do that, you can’t use that against me.”

Pryce made a sound that was half laugh and half cough, “use what against you?”

“Don’t act so innocent, Pryce, I know you remember.”

Pryce walked over to the dusty curtains by the window and grabbed one, preparing to shake it. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” a sly grin crossed over his face and then he shook the curtains. Dust fell off the curtains and all around the air, Pryce inhaled deeply, and in only a minute sneezing ensued, “HEHSHOO! Hye-CHOO! HuhSHIOO! HWATCHOO!” Pryce backed away from the curtains almost as if he feared them. He cupped his hands over his mouth and nose and turned his red-rimmed eyes to Emery, “d-do you-KSHOO! Ugh, do you like that?” He managed to say before he started up sneezing again.

Emery stood dumbstruck. She tried her best to think of something else besides Pryce’s amazing sneezes, but she couldn’t. She found herself staring at him with her mouth gaping open. When Pryce’s fit had subsided Emery gulped and blinked, trying to get herself out of the trance that his sneezing had put her in.

Pryce snickered, “you did like that.” It wasn’t a question anymore.

Emery shook her head as if to clear it and cleared her throat, “bless you.” She squeaked.

Pryce laughed, “bless you is a bit of an understatement given that wonderful fit I just gave you, don’t you think? Shouldn’t you be throwing yourself at my feet and begging me to sneeze some more?”

Emery had forgotten her anger towards Pryce during the fit, but now it all came rushing back to her. Emery grabbed the sneezy man and pulled him to the door. Pryce didn’t resist much, he’d done what he’d come in to her room to do, and now that he’d done it he could leave.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Pryce said sniffling, and grinning.

“Whatever.” And Emery slammed her door in his face.

the plot will most likely thicken in the next part if i do a next part :P

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PLEASE do a next part!!! This is getting better & better!!! ;) I love the way you described the trance Pryce's sneezes caused for Emery... and his response to her response was perfect!! Wonderful job.

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i'm glad you guys like it! thanks for the encouragement and the compliments. Well i wrote this just now and i'm like DEAD TIRED, so sorry if this part sucks. as of now i have absolutely no idea what i'm going to do with Emery and Pryce, but don't worry i'll figure something out. i'll probably continue if i get some more good feedback. Happy reading!

Emery didn’t bother to leave her room the rest of the night, she decided she’d had enough of Pryce. The next morning when she got up however, she found that Pryce was the only one home. Last night Justin and Myrtle had devised a plan to leave and let the two former BFF’s be alone. Myrtle’s reasoning was because she thought Pryce and Emery were meant for each other, Justin’s reasoning however, was just to torture poor Emery.

Emery put her hair in a pony tail and put on her robe and slippers and went into the kitchen where Pryce was sitting with a cup of tea and a blanket wrapped around him. He looked rather pathetic.

“No coffee for the law student?” Emery grumbled, going to the coffee pot and pouring herself a cup.

“No but I guess it works for community college students.” Pryce retorted.

Emery spun around and glared at Pryce, accidentally spilling some of her coffee in the process, but Emery ignored it. “Not all of us were loaded like you, Pryce.”

Pryce looked down into his tea, “I told you to come with me.”

“I didn’t want to be a lawyer.” Emery said.

“You could have gone to a better college.”

“I don’t want to be your charity case.” Emery snapped, plopping down into a chair and slamming her cup down on the table.

Pryce looked out the window at the snow which was reflecting the sunlight. He grabbed a napkin from the middle of the table and blew his nose harshly, Emery cringed at the sound of it. “Can’t you do that somewhere else?”

Pryce sniffed sharply, “sorry, forgot blowing my nose doesn’t turn you on, just sneezing, hold on let me try…” Pryce rubbed at his nose and inhaled through his nose in quick spurts of breath.

Emery was compelled to tell him not to, but she so desperately wanted to hear him sneeze again, and she hated herself for it.

“HwaSHIOO!” Pryce turned away from the table and snapped forward with the force of the sneeze. He gave a groan, but his breath hitched again and he stayed hunched forward with the tissue to his nose, “Ammpshoo!” Pryce muffled the next one and then let loose again with two more, “HUTCHOO! Hasheeew!” He exaggerated the noise slightly, knowing it would give Emery more pleasure. He cleared his throat and straightened up, looking at Emery. “I think I have a cold.” His voice was congested after all the sneezing, Pryce considered blowing his nose but he decided against it.

Emery let out a sigh of pleasure, and Pryce’s smiled widened. “Liked that did you.”

“No.” Emery lied badly.

Pryce had to laugh, “whatever y-you…YITCHOO!...say.”

“Why do you do that to me, Pryce?” Emery whined, biting her bottom lip.

“You can’t resist it, and I just want you to stop being mad at me. I didn’t do anything.”

Emery pointed at him, “and that’s where your wrong.”

Pryce coughed into his fist and felt a tickle in his nose, but he tried to hold it back, “whuuh…ugh, what did I d-do-ISHOO! Shit.”

“You ran off to California with that bitch Connie Brightmore.”

Pryce blushed slightly, remembering, “oh yeah.”

“Oh what you just forgot about me huh?!” Emery growled. “You cheated on me and you forgot!” Emery stood up from the table, pushing her chair back with a screech. “Fuck you then. I knew you never cared about me.” Emery ran off up the two flights of stairs to the attic and slammed the door. That’s it, she said to herself, I’m through with him, I’m done.

oh my, i didn't realize this part was so short! sorry, i'll probably write more later and post it. :P

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i kinda posted two parts in a row bc i suddenly got an idea lol, but i might just end it here. it's kinda a corny ending i think, but it's endable (if that's a word), if u guys still want me too i could prolly add more. this was my first time posting a fic so i hope it didn't suck too hard. :unsure:

Emery had resisted the urge to cry for a long time until she heard the knock at her door. Her throat tightened and tears began to well up in her eyes. Her mother had just died and now the man she loved had come back in her life and he was a complete asshole. Crying was all she could do.

Pryce put his ear to the door and listened to her sobs. He felt his heart begin to soften, deep down he’d been angry at himself for being such an ass and cheating on Emery, the girl he loved, in the first place. But he was also slightly angry at her for not being able to forgive him, but he understood why she wouldn’t.

He opened the door and found Emery lying on her bed, face down crying into the pillow. Pryce had to sneeze desperately, but he felt now was definitely not the time. He held his breath and pinched his nose.

“Leave me alone.” Emery pleaded. “Just go to a hotel or something.”

Pryce was still fighting the sneeze, he didn’t want to say anything and then end up sneezing. But when Pryce didn’t reply, Emery turned to him; eyes and face red from crying. “Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?” She demanded.

“Uh…I…iihh…IHSHOO!” Pryce blushed. “Damn, I’m sorry, I was trying to hold it back…”

“Yeah right, whatever.” Emery turned away from him and sat up on her bed facing the wall. “Why did you come here?”

“I missed you.”

“What, Connie isn’t good enough for you now?”

“We were only together a little while.”

Emery was compelled to ask if they had sex, but she already knew the answer; of course they had.

“I didn’t love her you know.”

“But she was pretty. Prettier than me.”

Pryce walked over to her bed and touched her soft dark hair, “no one’s prettier than you.”

Emery wasn’t buying it. She snorted, “how many girls have you used that one on?” She turned to face him, the tears no longer falling. “I’m not going to fall for you again.”

“HyaSHOO! UHSHOO!” The sneezes had crept up on him and he turned away from Emery as fast as she could, but some of the spray landed on her hand. Emery looked down at her hand rather disgusted and wiped it on the bedspread. “Thanks…but I already took a shower…”

Pryce chuckled, “sorry, I didn’t expect that.”

“Sure you didn’t.”

“I have a cold! I can’t control when I sneeze.”

“Just like I can’t control how your sneezes make me feel.” Emery said softly, a tiny smile creeping across her face.

Pryce took her chin lightly in his hands and made her face him, her smiled widened. “There, that’s better.” He said in reference to her smile.

“You said you didn’t love Connie…” Emery said softly, “so, did you ever love…me?”

Pryce smiled and leaned into give her a light peck on the cheek, “always.”

THE END! (maybe lol) like i said above i can add more if u think i need too or should.

SweetP :winkkiss:

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Wow! Very cute ^^ I really like how Pryce suddenly turned all sweet at the end and they got back together (?) BIIIIIIIIG Thumbs up for jooo! ;) T'was very good for a first fic! I really wanna write one after reading so many great ones on this forum :yes: Once again, Great job!

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Awww... Cute! I liked this story. :twisted: . It was very good. You're good at this writing stuff! :mellow:

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awww....that was so sweet!!!! i enjoyed every minute of it!! i just love it when guys act like assholes and then show their sweet sides... makes me all warm and fuzzy....even better if they have blue eyes and black hair...someone get me a fire-extinguisher for my pants!!! :mellow:

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“so, did you ever love…me?”

Pryce smiled and leaned into give her a light peck on the cheek, “always.”

If it's possible for a heart to smile, then mine is. :yuck: I know that's an extremely corny thing to say, but I just can't think of another way to say it. This was a terrific story!! :yuck: I hope you'll write more for us, SweetP. :scared:

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