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bus observation (f)


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Today I had to go to the other part of city I live, so it was quite a long journey on the bus. There were not so many people on the bus and two pretty young girls, age about 20-22 were sitting opposite me. Suddenly, the one with a long dark hair and green eyes sneezed loudly "HAAPCHIHOO" into her cupped right hand. "Bless you," her friend said to her. A few minutes later she sneezed again, loudly, with the same sound. Her friend blessed her one more time. After about five minutes passed the girl sneezed again and this time after sneezing there was snot under her nose, which she didn't notice. Her friend told her about that and she blew her nose into a tissue and a moment later sneezed again. "Are you coming down with something", her friend asked. She answered with "no" and gave loud and wet sneeze. Once again there was snot under her nose after sneezing and she wiped it with a tissue. After that she didn't sneeze any more.

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