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Four sneezes but I only got to see 2! (m)


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Morning all!

R has been away so I've missed his sneezes terribly, but now he is back and spending a bit more time with me so = more sneezes!

On Thursday evening after work I went round to his place and we took his dog out in my car, then for a walk. When we got back to his house he took the dog inside and I waited in the car with the engine running because we were going to drive to the shops together.

While he was inside I heard him sneeze! It was definitely him as it was his unmistakable trade-mark double: "HUH-USCHHH-OOOO! HUH-TISH-OOOO!" ... and I turned the radio off the the car and strained my ears like mad, cussing him and saying to myself "How COULD you do that that to me?!?!?!"

He made up for it the next day though. At lunchtime we went to his house again and as we sat at the table I picked up the dog (it's a little Jack Russell) and it sat on my lap and after a while I sneezed a sudden "Achoo!", covering with my hand but sort of sneezing onto the poor dog who looked up at me and I apologised to it, R didn't comment, but it made me wonder if it had been because of holding the dog that he had sneezed the day before, I've seen him sneeze holding the dog before and it does shed a lot of hair, so that's good!

Anyway we went back to work, and the road was blocked with some building vehicles (our office is sort of in a building site at the moment!) so we parked at the end of the road and walked down. There were a bunch of people from work queuing to drive into the site, and no doubt watching us as we walked down together, which unfortunately stopped me holding his hand(!) ... which was frustrating not to be able to touch him, especially when he suddenly got his hankie (white, with a few blue lines around the edges) out of his left pocket with his left hand (I was walking on his right) and sneezed into it vigorously: "AH-HUHH-OOO!"

"Bless you, darling," I said and touched his hand briefly.

"AHHH-HUHH-SHOOOOO ... S'cuse me!" he replied, exaggerating the end of the sneeze cutely. That second sneeze must have been forceful as it bent him right over towards the floor, although he didn't stop walking. I blessed him again of course and that was that!

Yummy. Let's hope he continues to make it up to me with lovely sneezes like that, he owes me for being away for so long! :laugh:



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I think it's safe to say that we've all missed R! Keep that Jack Russell with you whenever you can! :laugh:

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