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while on a copying mission at uni


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Picture this - a class of 40 students, the teacher has 1 copy of an article we have to read for the exam, end of class, teacher leaves us the copy - what happens? that's right, mass-charging on the article and a group-rampage to the copy-machines... sadly the building we were in has too few machines out of which 1 was out of paper and the other had a bad-feeding-tray and the third had already a huge line around it.... SO! we took initiative and went straight to the source, the copy-center.

Off we strolled a merry bunch of eh, I didn't really count or look back, probably about 15 people (the rest are slackers I tell you, slackers!). I was walking up front with 2 random guys I've never talked to before. Made some small talk about how going to the copy-center was a good idea and will save us time since we could run copies in more than 1 machine and hurried our way.

While walking random guy #1 suddenly sneezes, he was not in my line of sight really since he was to my side and actually slightly behind me in terms of pace (that and I wasn't looking) but since I saw him bent forward and cover there was no room for doubt. He was tall, short brown hair, pale looking but that's about all I've noticed (did I mention I wasn't really looking? :laugh:), pleasant on the eye, mildly dork-ish looking, but that's really all I can say about him. The sneeze however, ahh, that was a good one :P a quick intense "HUrUSHa" covered with both hands, I really liked the sound because it sort of resonated. It wasn't loud but it was definitely powerful and it had some sort of an internal-echoing quality to it which I apparently really like (who knew? :lol:). Right after the sneeze random guy #2 blessed him (beat me to it probably while I was contemplating the sound of it :omg:) and since I know how much you girlies love guys blessing guys (I gotta admit, there was something to it) I figured this one is one for the books! but does the fun end? not quite yet!

We walk a few steps forward and and random guy #1 sneezes again (hurray!) "HurrUSH!" again, intense, powerful, quick and with the same internal-echoing quality, a sound that is somehow dimmed and a bit throaty but by no means stifled, you know what I mean? gorgeous :blushing:, like before covered by both hands and a second after he sneezed he grunted or mumbled or something of a sort (I'm not sure since I was already busy writing a mental-draft of this obs :innocent:), I'm not sure if random guy #2 blessed him again or not (because I was busy thinking of ways to spell the sneeze :wub: ) but afterwards there were no more sneezes :P

Hope you dig (heck even *I* did *wicked grin* :lol::twisted:)

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I totally dig, thank you! :( I just love the way you write your obs!

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