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a lovely treat today!


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i dont know WHAT was goin on.. but my bf sneezed ALOT today. normally i get about 2 a day.. and sometimes none. but today.. i got 5!! :yuck: the first set was when we were on the couch and i had my head on his chest. we were talking about something (i totally forgot now, because of the sneezes) i felt and heard him take a deep breath and covered with his right hand a nice wet "hitchoo!". after recovering with a sigh and a head shake, he continued talking again. about 10 seconds later... he stopped talking for a second. then continued with.. "well... what *hitched breath*.. if... he took in a slow deep breath... let it out slowly.. then took in another breath quickly and let out another "Hitchoo!!" i blessed him and hugged him tight while he gave me a look of embarassment. (which was totally cute)

then while cooking dinner, he was using alot of spices. i was on the phone with my mom and heard him sneeze a real wet one from the kitchen. it took me a min to focus on my mom again.

later on, we were watching tv. i was sitting there and he had gotten up to get a drink. as he stood up he paused and sneezed a "Hitchoo!" which had caused him to bend at the waist. he sniffled and sat back down next to me. he had a presneeze face and EVERYTHING and leaned his head on my shoulder and sneezed again. then got up and continued on, giving me this mischevious grin.

man, im a lucky girl today! sadly, hes now out hanging with his buddies till later tonight.. :yuck: so hopefully i dont miss out on anymore! hope you enjoyed!!

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