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My request


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Hi there!

How are you today?

That's right I am talking to you! Ohh dont look over your shoulder I mean YOU! ( points well manicured finger at screen in your direction)

So you may be wondering why I singled you out of all these people. It's cause I know somthing!

What to know what it is?

You do???


I know you want to help me out!


You do?

I just thought I would try saying that. I didnt think it would actually work!!!

I should try that more often . Praise that positive assumtive aporoach!


Oh yes!!!

What I am looking for .

well Im sooo glad you asked.

No it's not a Rocky Horror Fan Fiction. Dont worry

I would love it if you can write me a Labyrinth Fan Fiction in which Jareth catches a horrible cold/flu?

Really ????

You mean it???

You will really write me this story???

Thank you so much!!!!!

So thank you whoever you are!!!

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O.o Oh my gods....*ponders the incredibly wrong hotness that could be accomplished with that*... Yeeahh...I might be willing to take that on actually. Anyone care to help me? I do better with a writing partner. *squee* I love jareth!

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