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Ginny Weasly (f)


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Hey Liam, I didn't get your last post in time, so this is just a cold pic, but I'll do another one tomorrow with some pollen in it. :dribble: Hope ya like.


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SQUEEEE! Omg, the CUTENESS! I just adore Ginny, and I love how you draw her! :dribble:

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I luff the Ginny-ness XD <-- very weird.

This is a GREAT picture. I bet Liam will love it <3

Very addictive when its looked at. Sneezing in sleeve. Mmmmm...

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Ginny! :rolleyes: Green Faerie, im always AMAZED at how well you take lovely Disney and other characters and adapt them SO BEAUTIFULLY to your style :fear:

PS. By the way, i just bought the one and only movie Hercules from the Target dvd sale for 12 bucks and fell in love with that great hunk a' spunk again :2guns: *wanders off to dig up some of those pictures you made of him* <_<

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FANTASTIC! Just AMAZING! Thanks so much, Green Faerie! And thanks for saying you'd do the other one too!

Still thinking up new ideas for the new signature, but you will be on it, promise.

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Lovely! And the gown looks fabulous; very monastic! Thank you so much.

I am looking forward to the pollen one too; I trust you are going to adopt her as a regular subject....I wonder if she's photic too....or that wand could come in useful...........

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My GOD, I love the way you color! :dead: Your linework is AMAZING and I adore the pose!!! :blushing: Thank you so much for sharing and being so generous with your talent! :drool:

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Thanks guys! :dead:

Thanks so much, Hippo- oh my gods I'm spready my Hercules evolness! *rubs hands together and laughs maniacally!*

Liam- you're very welcom, I hope you like the next one. And thanks for adding me to your signature! :blushing:

Otaku- your comment made me laugh. you're right I suppose there isn't such a thing as 'just a cold' for us peeps. :drool:

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WOW!!! She is so,so so,so,so,soooooo CUTE!!! ^_^

She is probably one of my favourite HP cahracters, next to ron *snuggles Ron*

I <3 your style! Harry had best run away with her before I do

"I'm not wearing that, it's ghastly!" <---Best quote from Ginny EVER :)

Hello, yes, I am a nerd. Thanks for noticing.

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