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Do different nose shapes produce different sneezes?


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Has anyone noticed any patterns with this?

Like, I've noticed (and it's not just in my head as a stereotype or something I'm sure) that people with larger noses do tend to sneeze louder and more aggressively, though not as frequently or fit-like as others with smaller noses.

And people with smaller noses I find tend to sneeze a lot but not very loudly.

Asian people often have nicely rounded nostrils and I find for some reason almost all the Asian people I've ever known tend to sneeze a heap of times at once, and frequently throughout the day as well. I don't know why this is.

Maybe because their noses are small or whatever that they can't get the irritant out as effectively/forcibly as larger-nosed people...could that be it?

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I have to say that in a lifetime of observing sneezers, I haven't noticed any of these correlations. I would tend to say that the forcefulness/aggressiveness of a person's "public" sneeze, at least, is far more a function of that person's personality than of his or her nose/nostril shape. I also think that whether the irritant is expelled has less to do with the size and shape of the nose than it does with whether the sneezer expels air through the nose, or primarily through the mouth (see earlier discussion on this board re: mouth vs. nose sneezing).

For the record, I am a small woman with a small nose with rounded nostrils, and I sneeze only extremely loud singles, unless I'm in public, in which case I stifle completely.

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It is not the nose size/shape that says how someone will sneeze. It is something else that determines how a person will sneeze. I know people with small noses who sneeze loud and only once... and a past crush of mine had a big nose and had a very quite sneeze when he didn't stifle. I've also seen a guy with a big nose have a quiet sneezing fit (non-stifled). And the thing you mentioned about the Asian people, is probably genetics verses nose size/shape, because I've seen people with noses very similar to Asian people (who weren't Asian) and they would sneeze only once, I never even seen them sneeze more than once, and they almost never sneeze to begin with :P

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