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Naruto sneeze fics (Several Male)


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:blushing: Hello out there! Just thought you guys might like to see these fics I found online! Yes, I am new. I have been watching you all from afar, so I finally think it's time I got my lazy ass moving and post something :laugh:

WARNING: If you do not like Iruka/Kakashi yaoi then don't read.

Fic NO.1 (kakashi sneezing) :


By Chate Noire, who is a member on this site, but I'll put this up incase anyone hasn't seen it (If it has been posted on the forum already I will die :dead: )

Fic NO.2 (Iruka sneezing) :


Fic NO.3 (Kotetsu sneezing) :


So there you go! Hope you enjoy! I did :drool:

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