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Guest sneezemale1

I managed to steal some time for a mid-morning swim yesterday. The pool was relatively empty & the swimmers consisted of elderly men & a few young women.

An attractive woman doing laps near me quickly caught my attention as she kept rubbing her nose whenever she took a breather in between laps. She looked rather sneezy as well & probably had a few “false starts” too.

About an hour into my swim, the woman was resting again. She was standing with her head partially submerged in the water & looking at the sky. Without warning, she took on the classic pre-sneeze look, covered her mouth with her right hand & sneezed three quick sneezes. This was amazing as she managed to keep them silent. The fit was over in about five seconds! I have never seen swimmers sneezing silently. Being a swimmer myself, I know how ticklish one’s nose can be while swimming & most swimmers I know sneeze very openly.

It was a thoroughly satisfying obs & I will try to visit that particular pool more often!

Later while at work, a beautiful colleague walked into the office sniffing & blowing her nose. As she stepped out, she stifled a single sneeze. Unfortunately, I did not see her for the rest of the day.

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Thanks for sharing those obs! Guess I should start swimming in something other than paperwork these days!

Take care,


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