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Ok, so it's not an obs but I am seriously not pleased that I keep missing them but I shall post them as they have been passed to me.

My boyfriend knows I love his sneezing and he does induce for me occasionally as when he sneezes naturally it's usually only singles, or 2 if I'm lucky!! However the other day he phoned me to let me know I had missed a major fit!! :)

He said he was making a sandiwch, including black pepper, and then he was about to eat it when he started sneezing. He sneezed 9 times with no break in between, then there was a little break, then he said there were about 4 more!! ARGHH I said I wasn't at all pleased that this happened without me being there (I had only jsut left him about 20 minutes before).

I told him to hold on in future until i am there!!

Did he listen ?? No!!

he phones me today to report that I had just missed 5 in a row! GREAT! He knows it teases me so as soon as something happens he lets me know with an evil grin on his face!!

It's sooo typical - I see him every day and these happen in the short time i am not there! I only get singles!!!

It's quite good as at least i know there is the potential that I could possibly see these one day!!! Also, I get him to go over with me exactly what happened and he demonstrates the sneezes and the gaps in between, which I quite enjoy, so that's a plus point at least!! It's like having an obs read to me and acted out!

i promise to write any fit obs that i ACTUALLY DO SEE!!! (Once I have recovered!!)

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