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been a long time coming (self -f)


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I know it's been a damn long time, but there really hasn't been anything too memorable to post about until last night. Hopefully this makes up for all the time :drool:

I got bored, what can I say? I decided to try inducing with something other than my usual coconut scented whatever, so I rolled up a few tissues and sat on my bed. I tried a few times and definitely found the spot I was so desperately looking for lol HOWEVER the real kicker was when I put tissues up both my nostrils.

That's when it really started. "hi-chh!chh!chh!..eh-chh!chh!..." After a single touch and that was the result so I will tell you now that when I began wiggling the little suckers around, my sneezes took on this weird high-pitched almost whiny sound. "hiiiishh! hiii-iishh! hiii-iiisshhh!...hiiii...IISSHH!!"

You get the idea, lol. When I moved the tissue faster the sneezes came faster but become more cough-like...then eventually my nose just got fed up with me and the sneezes tapered off. BUT DAMN. The initial tickle was so strange and foreign I wasn't sure whether to sneeze or cough or start crying hehe. Well, now I have something to play with :lol:

Hope you liked!

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I don't know whether to start crying either. :lol: That was intense!!! Wowza. Thanks for sharing your, um, boredom. :drool:

You described it sooo well.

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Holy hell! That was incredibly hot, thanks for sharing! :cryhappy:

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