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My Friend's Dad

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I was riding in the car with my friend and her dad yesterday. To give you an idea of what her dad looks like, he is about

5'10 with graying hair that he just dyed brownish redish (yuck). Also he is kind of overweight. Anyways we were driving when

all of a sudden I heard a sharp intake of breath. We all know what this means. Anyways, there was a small buildup and then

he sneezed three times. It sound sort of like Huh-huh-hitschoo hu-hitschoo hitschoo. They were a little bit loud and sort of

medium pitch. They were actually sort of weird and I can't really describe them but oh well. I didn't like them very much but

thought I would post them anyways. Oh my god I was rambling. Sorry. :thumbup:

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I always found it incredibly awkward when my friends parents would sneeze in the car or in the room we were in...I mean a part of me would want to enjoy it, because my friends had some damn allergic parents lol let me tell you...I dunno...I found it almost as awkward as when my own parents -- oh god, I don't want to talk about it anymore, lol.

WOW what a ridiculous ramble. Anyway! Sounds like a nice ob...if only he wasn't your friends dad...and didn't have ugly reddish brown hair.

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