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Frost...or Seph...


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Dear God/dess....I.....what in the name of holy crap, HOT....!?! :jawdrop:

*smacks pants to put out smoldering flames of fangirling retardation!*

I must print this out and totally rape it stick it on my Art Wall of Doom ! Nyyyyaaaahhhhgjalsdkfjadslkfjds THANK YOU! :lol::blushing: *FLAIL* (wtf, WHY do we have no "MADLY FLAILING SELF INTO A COMA!" icon?!?!)

Hnngh, Frost......WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. :yes:

Oh HOOO, I cannot EVEN begin to tell you how much this made my freakin' day, ya hear me?! Today was just....yeah. Thanks for making me forget the absolute HELL of it all giggle like a madwoman! :laugh:

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Guest iffthelurker

DAAAAAAAAMN! *fans self* Is it just me, or did it get INCREDIBLY hot in here?

Oh, that's INSANELY sexy. The red nose and the sniffling, and the box of tissues right there but he obviously doesn't want to use them...the shading is awesome, and the body form is excellent work as well. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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Oh my holy crap what? What is going on inside my head? KawaiiKitty always likes dark haired men, so why is she suddenly fangirling over these silver haired fellows?? It is a testament to the skills of the people who draw them, that's what! :twisted:

Besides the obvious hotness, the pose that you have drawn him in is so good...ever so slightly slumped. It's like he doesn't want to show his tiredness but his body is betraying him just a little bit. And I really like the way you draw the folds in the clothes. And the colouring is very nice too!

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That's because silver-haired men are made of magick. :twisted: Or something equally gay. :lol: I seem to be collecting them or something, which is odd because my "normal" tastes DO run to dark-haired men. :blink: Oddly enough, I ended up with a blond "husband" and three silver-haired Muses. WTF is that?! :lol:


I forgot to mention how much I liked the broadness of his shoulders in proportion to his waist. DAMN, that's hot....raaawwwrrrrrjalfsdkjfafjasdlkf!

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Holy crap, that is HOT! :twisted: Gah, I love the way you draw hair, Faerie! And that pose is just incredibly sexy... *stares and drools*

Thank you for sharing! :blink:

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FYULQWGHVTQIUH??? :lol: for real!? You guys are more than awesome! :lol: I had no idea you'd all go so nuts over this one cause it's not really a pre-sneeze or a sneeze shot. And of course the artist part of me is finding all these things wrong with the pic :twisted: But I can't tell you how gratifying it is that you guys appreciate all the little nuances! :blink:

Thank you thank you! And Aku, I'm glad I could make your day a little better! :lol:

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And of course the artist part of me is finding all these things wrong with the pic :)

Thank you thank you! And Aku, I'm glad I could make your day a little better! :hug:

Durr, i get that too. I think we ALL do. :wub: Try to ignore it. Pay attention to the worshipping responses you get instead :lol:

And i don't think you made her day a "little" bit better.... um.. try a LOT :omg:

Becuase, well, it's FREAKING AWESOME. (jeeez. I must have used that line so many damn times :lol: But it loses no meaning each time i use it i swear :laugh: )

I LOVE how ou colour things in that amazing way, and that slightly mueral/stained glass window storybook style (HOW do i explain :lol::wacko: ) that's so ATTRACTIVE.


I will just stare a little bit longer... :lol:


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WOW what a GREAT drawings!!!!!!!!!! You hit on all the important items. Well built guy (check) Sitting helpless on a sofa (check) finger under the nose to try and stop a sneeze (check) LOVE IT!!!!!!! :)

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oh such a poor silver haired wonder....i feel so NOT sorry for him.... :) he is incredibly hot!!!! wonderful!

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