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Bus-Stop (original, F)


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So Lisar PM'd me and requested a fic based on the scenario of a girl getting ready for work and wearing clothes that weren't warm enough despite her parents warnings, and then going out and getting sick because of it. Here's what I came up with!

Emma stood in front of her mirror, straightening her hair. Her long brown locks fell around her shoulders as she worked strand by strand until it was shiny and smooth. She stepped back, satisfied. Her image smiled back: a pretty, young girl with bright blue eyes wearing a pair of pajama pants and a pink tank top.

"Emma!" Her mom's voice rang loudly up the stairwell. "Are you ready yet?"

"I'm getting there!" she shouted back.

"Dress warm! It's going to be cold today!!"

Emma rolled her eyes. She worked at the local record store in the mall. It didn't matter if it was cold outside- she'd be at the bus stop for a minute before she caught the local shuttle over to the mall, and then she'd spend the day in the warm store.

Rifling through her closet, she pulled out her favorite skirt. It was a denim mini skirt. She pulled it on and dug until she found a sweater- a red v-neck. Last but not least, her black flats. Cute, and sensible, she thought. Big hoop earrings, and she was ready.

Skipping down the stairs, she met her mom at the bottom.

"You're not wearing that!"

"What? I've got a sweater on!"

"At least put some pantyhose on, for goodness sakes Emma! You'll freeze to death! And that sweater is so thin, it might as well be a blouse!" exclaimed her mom.

"I'm catching the bus and then I'm inside all day! Who cares?" said Emma, exasperated.

"I do, I'm your mother!"

"I'll be fine! I'll put on a scarf, okay?"

Emma grabbed her long black scarf from the hall closet and retrieved her purse from the hook by the door.

"I'll see you later mom!" she said, planting a kiss on her mom's cheek.

Outside, Emma jogged down to the corner bus stop. Her mom was right....it was pretty cold. She rocked on her heels in place, trying to keep warm. Where was the bus? She reached into her purse and pulled out her phone. Five minutes had passed...the bus was usually right on time.

She was getting colder by the second. Wrapping her scarf tighter, she rubbed her arms for warmth. Glancing back down the block, she wondered if she should run back for a coat...but what if the bus came while she was down there? It wasn't worth it, she decided.

Another look at her phone...fifteen minutes in the cold. Her legs felt numb. Her nose was running steadily from the chill, and she wiped it with the back of her hand, sniffling. Her head ached and her ears felt frozen solid.

Finally in the distance she saw the bus. She coughed into her hand. She felt awful and her whole body was cold. She climbed the steps of the bus stiffly and found a seat where she huddled up, trying to get warm again.

The bus pulled into the mall, and she didn't feel much better. She went into the record store and punched her time card. Jamie, her co-worked, looked at her worriedly.

"You okay? You look a bit off. And you're ten minutes late."

"Yeah, I'm fine," she said, sniffling a bit. "My bus didn't come and I wa..."

Her breath hitched. Jamie scrambled for a tissue and grabbed it, handing it to her quickly.


Emma sneezed forcefully into the tissue. It was wet and thick, and all the streaming congestion from her nose came forth. She wiped her nose and blew, a thick, bubbily honk. When she was done, she balled the soaking tissue and threw it in the trash.

"Ugh," she exclaimed. "I'm sorry. That was gross. I was saying I was stuck in the cold."

"And it looks like it didn't do you much good," said Jamie sympathetically. "Why don't you man the service desk? It'll be quieter over there and I'll run the register."

"Thanks," said Emma gratefully. She picked up the box of tissues. "I better bring these wi....uhh...uhhh....uhhhshthooooo."

The second sneeze was just as wet and congested. She managed to get a tissue over her nose and wiped.

"I'm so sorry," she said to Jamie. "I'm a mess. My mom warned me it was cold out, but I refused to wear a coat or anything!"

"You look really cute," said Jamie, smiling. "But a coat would have been a good idea."

"Yeah," said Emma, frowning. "Too late now."

She deposited her scarf and purse in the employee room and headed out to the service desk. The store was already filling with customers. She waited patiently at the desk, dabbing her nose every so often with a tissue. The tip of it began to hurt as her constant wiping made it raw.

"Too bad I wore red," she thought. "My nose will match my sweater."

"Excuse me?"

Emma looked up. She had been so busy nursing her sore nose she'd neglected to notice a customer waiting. A man was standing in front of the desk, looking at her impatiently.

"Oh! I'm sorry. What can I help you with?"

"I'd like to return this."

He handed over a DVD that was missing its plastic wrapper.

"I'm sorry but we can't acce- ehh...ehh...ehstchoo!"

She sneezed wetly into her hand, not getting to a tissue in time. She held her palm clamped over her nose and mumbled, "excuse me" to the man as she bent for a tissue and wiped. She gave a small blow, and the tissue was nearly soaked. When she looked up, the man was staring at her, disgusted.

"I'm sorry. I was saying that we can't accept returns without the shrink wrap. I can give you a mercha...ahh.."

She bent over, her hand searching wildly for a tissue as her eyes squeezed shut in anticipations. She found one and held it up.


She blew, wetly, a loud and gurgling honk. Another tissue was deposited in the pile in the wastebasket. She felt her nose glowing raw red.

"I'm so sorry!" she said. "I can give you a merchandise credit, is what I was saying."

"That's fine," the man replied, clearly eying her as some plague case.

Emma went about processing the return, but her nose was so congested she was having trouble concentrating and her mouth was dry from breathing through her nose. Her sweater and skirt, as minimalistic of clothing as they were, suddenly felt hot and clingy on her body. She swiped a merchandise credit card through the register, and handed it to the man. He took it gingerly, as if it were diseased, and put it in his pocket.

"Have a good da.....hay...haaa.....hetschoooooo!"

Emma's breath hitched and she sneezed violently again as the man walked briskly away. She moaned as she wiped the congestion from her nose again. What a mess.

"You okay?" asked a voice.

She looked up and saw that Jamie had come over from his register to check on her. He was leaning over the counter, and he put a hand gently on her forehead. "You're warm."

"I don't feel too haaa..haaaa.....hatshooo!"

She sneezed again without barely any warning and almost all over Jamie but his quick reflexes grabbed a tissue and held it over her nose. She felt her congestion soak through and she blushed, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry. That's so gross," she said, taking the tissue.

"It's okay," said Jamie. "It's our lunch break. Come sit in the back with me."

He led her to the break room and she sank into one of the armchairs.

"I feel like shit," she said, laughing a bit at her state.

"Your nose is the color of your shirt," said Jamie. "Poor thing. You should go home."

"I think I might. I don't think the customers appreciate me being here like thi.....saaa...ahhh....ah....athshooo!"

She sneezed again into a fresh tissue. Jamie crouched at her side.

"You really should go home," he said.


She gathered her scarf and her purse. Jamie grabbed a fresh bunch of tissues and folded them, and then handed them to her.

"For your purse, for the way home."

"Tha....haaaa....hatschoo! *sniff* Thanks," she said, sneezing and wiping her nose again. "You're really sweet."

"Feel better," he said, walking her to the door.

Back on the bus home, Emma leaned her head against the cool window. What the heck was she going to tell her mom?

Never mind, she thought, wiping her now burning nose. She just wanted to get tucked into her warm bed!

The end.

Feedback greatly appreciated!! :laugh:

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Hey that was a really great story! Thanks for posting it! :laugh:

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Well done!! Love how sweet Jamie was to Emma. ;) Thank so much for the story, Dusty 15, and thanks lisar for suggesting the idea. :lol:

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