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the day of hearing and not seeing


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ok so today was frickin' crazy! i heard some great sneezes, but i didn't get to see a one! i was kinda mad about that, but whatever, they were still good.

so the first one i heard when i was babysitting my little cousin at church. this guy was dropping off his daughter for this dance class and as he's walking away to leave her and just dissapears out of my sight (cuz there's kinda a wall there lol) i hear "HWAHACHOO!" it was pretty loud, but i've defenitely heard louder. i jumped bc it scared the crap outa me, being it was so unexpected, and my little cousins eyes got like super wide cuz i think it kinda scared him too. it was cute.

next, OMG i'm just sooo happy about this one! there's this really cute guy working at our church now, and i was in the video department copying some DVDs and just standing there like an idiot with nothing to do as they copied when i hear this smooth "tcshoo!" now i've been waiting to see this hottie sneeze for a while, or at least hear it, and unfortunately he was in like another part of this room so i couldn't see him, but i heard it. and then i was talking to another guy for a sec and like a minute later, while i'm talking to this guy, i hear "TCHOO!" a bit more desperately and i say "bless u" but i don't think he heard it because i totally interupted my convo with this guy to say it and the guy looked totally confused bc i don't think he'd hear the hottie sneeze lol.

last, but not least, i was at target, sitting in the car waiting for my mom to get out of there. and since it was frickin' hot i had my window down. well i'm listening to some music when i hear this "KASHOO!" and then a few coughs right after. well i spun around faster than you can spit of course and i saw this young couple walking toward their car, the guy had his hand by his face. i kinda sorta got to see this one, just not the actually sneeze, just the after bit.

hope these aren't too lame.

SweetP :(

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Aw man, those were awesome! I especially like the second one because it reminds me of the hot church guy I'VE always wanted to see sneeze. Maybe someday.... Thanks for sharing these!

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Great obs. :wacko: Sometimes it's fun to only hear the sneeze and amagin what the sneezer looks like, or at least thats what I like to do :huh:

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