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This observation harks back to the heady days of two weeks ago. It's from the same era as my blog entry about the train that got stuck and then leaked, so if you want to read all about that, go see the blog! If on the other hand you want to read about the delightful young lady I saw on the train and what she got up to then, dear reader, continue....

So I was on the train, minding my own music-listening business, and just as we were passing through Staines (lovely part of the world!) the train came to a halt as the level crossing ahead was flooded. It was about 5.30pm so I was surrounded by lots of business types on the train who'd got out of work early (likely on the pretense of 'working at home', yeah right!). Anyway, on one of my frequent surveys of the scene I noticed one lady in particular, who was sat on the opposite side of the carriage and just behind me and appeared to fit the young (mid-20's by my reckoning) business-woman profile, dressed as she was in black jacket and trousers, with a polka dotted black and white blousey top thing (my technical descriptions of women's clothing are just superb, huh? wink.png ) and reading a newspaper.

She had brown hair tied back in a ponytail and a nose which was I thought, just slightly too large for her face, straight bridge and quite thin but juts out quite a long way. Soon after this, the train roof started leaking just to add a little more excitement to the proceedings. Cue many surprised yelps of confusion from the passengers behind me and some hastily stifled giggles of amusement from others. Soon afterwards, the event itself occurs. I don't know what the cause was, it could have just been the fact we were on an air-conditioned train all set up to repel the Gas Mark 9 blast of Summer, when it was struggling to make 15 degrees C outside. Alternatively, maybe it was one of those events with no cause whatsoever. I actually like those best, since it makes me consider it all the more deeply, replay it and the events leading up to it in my head several times to see if I can figure it out.

Sadly, I didn't see her first, but it was quite a short build-up, just the single quick inhalation before a solid yet not too wet release. I look over in the direction of my subject and she turns away from her paper and towards me, eyes already half way to closed and inhaling rather more deeply this time. She takes her right hand off rom holding the paper letting it fall away and brings her hand to rest in the middle of the bridge of her nose, palm flat and angled slightly downwards and then the second release, about the same volume as the first, but more drawn out 'Het-tissshhoo!'. I'm still not entirely sure what the point of the hand on the bridge of her nose was, it wasn't covering either her nose or her mouth so I'm rather at a loss to explain it. Anyway, a couple of quick snuffles followed but nothing more, and then I lost sight of her at the next station.

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