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Are you Happy With Your Sneeze?


Are you happy with the style of your sneeze?  

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  1. 1. Do you like the sound of your sneeze?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Other
  2. 2. Is your sneeze comfortable? (eg. too hard, or it hurts your nose, etc.)

    • Yes
    • No
    • Other

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Well I can't vote..so instead I'll simply post :lmfao:

I think my sneeze is alright when I cover with 2 cupped hands in front of my face, but I don't really like tht type of covering lol. That's just the only way I can control them a bit. Uncovered, I never know what they'll sound like, they're much messier, and they almost always hurt my throat.

Kinda wish I had those cute little feminine sneezes. Mine are prolly girly enough, based on pitch, but they're just hard to keep a reign on hehe.

When I cover, they're usually small "heh.choo!"s or half-stifled: "heh.nkggChoo!" And theres no telling how they'll come out when I don't. (louder at least)

Anyway, that's my 2 cents on this subject!

(P.S: haha I just had to induce to figure out how to spell my sneeze :lmfao: I'm such a dork)

MUCH Love!


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Okay...I put "yes" for the first bit then "no" for the second bit.

And my reply is going to get me carted straight off to the looney bin!

I used to have a VERY quiet and small sneeze and I didn't really think of it one way or the other. I was indifferent to my own sneeze. But...it changed. My sneeze changed! It started changing a few months ago. I think it came about when I started writing spellings for sneeze fics and was "practising" sneezes for them...I seem to have inadvertently adopted my muses sneeze as my own!

How many times does THAT sort of thing happen???

But the flip side is I love my own sneeze now, and in fact can't get enough of it, because it reminds me of my beloved muse!! :lmfao: (But, to anyone getting any notions...I still don't want to talk to anyone about it. In fact, if anyone PM's me asking to hear it, I will talk about Miroku until your eyes bleed.)

ETA: How DUMB is KawaiiKitty? I thought the second question was "is your sneeze UNcomfortable"? So I put no. It's quite comfortable! But now I cannot change it. This'll teach me to start posting before I've finished my morning coffee! :lmfao:

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"Yes" to both. :lmfao: I have the ability to modify my sound, volume and "feel" to come out however I would like. It sounds strangely like a certain Muse of mine as well, like KK mentioned...:lmfao: So to answer HER question....it TOTALLY happens! :lmfao:

I hear myself sneeze and I go, "mmm....sounds like _______." *is a giant pile of DORK!*


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Um, well, I was a little conflicted on this one. I am not un-happy with the way my sneezes sound, I guess. I do like to try to change the sound. And when it's a natural sneeze, they are much softer than induced ones, so they are all different. I just wish I sneezed more naturally!! :lmfao:

And unless I overdo it with the inducing, sneezing usually doesn't hurt my nose.

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my sneezes are usually comfortable and i don't mind the style of my sneezes. I don't really think about it too much.

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Yes and Yes!

I can control exactly what my sneezes sound like, so if I get bored I change my style. I can control the strength of my stiffles if that's what I feel like doing too.

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I answered yes to both, but I would like to be able to stifle my sneezes better. Sometimes my attempt at stifling is louder that my actual sneeze and a really awful "Hehh-mmmpfff!" sound.

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Yes and yes.

Loud, proud, wet and uncovered. I DO wish I could have a bit more of a build up. Mine usually catch ME by surprise! :(

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I hate how my sneeze sounds on recordings, etc. just as I hate my voice. It doesn't usually hurt when I sneeze though, unless I have a sore throat, or if I keep sneezing these really strong sneezes all the time that eventually hurt my chest, but the latter doesn't really happen too often.

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Great question!

I'd love to be able to stifle my sneeze or at least sneeze really quietly but I can't. My sneezes are always loud Chooo! sorta sneezes, no Achoo though they used to be like that a loud ACHOOO but changed at some point I guess, no idea when. I did once do a sneezeblow and managed to turn a loud sneeze into a honking noseblow but it hurt like hell!

I rarely even manage to muffle my sneezes into a handkerchief (old fahsioned I know but I prefer them) I never really get enough warning to get the hanky out.

Polls are always fun :laugh:



I was jut thinking..

Are you happy with the style of your sneeze? :(

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Guest Raksu
Well I can't vote..so instead I'll simply post

Same here.

I am NOT happy with the style of my sneeze. Too loud (even my sneezes aren't really so loud), too big and I don't like sneezing at all. I prefer just watch when others sneeze :(

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I don't like the sound of mine, although everything elseis wonderful; they are far too loud and obnoxiously male, and there aren't enough of them.

This is the problem; since I enjoy frequent , girly sneezes, I'm just never going to be able to sneeeze in a way I find attractive; is it not the same foor others?

But except for during the latter part of colds, they are comfortable; at least they are very arousing.

What about you, hippo; have you got used to your sneeze yet?

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Guest iffthelurker

I do very much like the sound of my sneezes. Like Sneesee though, I wish it happened naturally more often...

As far as whether they're comfortable or not, natural ones are unless I try to stifle them. Induced ones very quickly start to turn throat-scraping because I make so many of them come out, and while I'm enjoying the sneezes, it starts to make my throat incredibly sore.

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Hello all,

I can't vote yet either, so I'm just posting. I usually don't like the sound of my own sneezes; especially in public they tend to be the "almost sounds like a cough" type, which is my least favorite. I wish I could do stifles or something at least a little more interesting, but since I hardly ever actually sneeze, there's not much opportunity to practice new sounds. And for the second question, no, they don't ever hurt.

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I had to put other because I've almost never heard myself actually sneeze. I have to stifle them all because, well, I live with my family and I refuse to do it in front of them. When I'm home alone, I try to induce and let out some unstifled sneezes, but it got to a point where I couldn't even do that anymore. BUT-I was on vacation a few days ago and I managed to induce in the car while everyone was at a store because the sun was really bright. And I got THREE! I don't remember exactly how they sounded, but I think I liked them. Pretty normal, kind of loud for someone like me. And they didn't hurt or anything. So, yeah, there's my answer.

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I chose "other" with the question about the sound .. cause honestly as weird as it may sound coming from someone with the fetish i don't really care how my own sneezes sound. I rarely sneeze at all anyway... and even if for example i could change my sound on my own free will i wouldn't feel any urge to do so nor would i run around screaming if it would change :cry:.

Comfortable it is though (picked yes there). Besides that i as good as never do sneeze ... when i do i really like it. It doesn't hurt or anything at all (unless there are special circumstances like me being heavily sick or having my nose and mouth glued toghether or anything :laugh: ). And i for myself really like the feeling it creates :).

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I have never really enjoyed my own sneezes, they are way to load and powerful at times :winkkiss: I'm one of those people who has been known to hurt my ribs when I have a good sneeze :rolleyes:

Of course I'm right in the middle of being sick so I have had to listen to and feel my sneezes quite a bit over the past few days :yes:

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I voted yes and no, though the no is a bit strange.

There is one thing I’d like to change about my sneezes. I’d like them to come more quickly. Lots of people feel the sneeze coming and sneeze almost immediately, whereas I agonize over it for at least half a minute (and it *feels* long, while you waiting, mouth half open and a stupid expression on your face). Added to that, if they’re multiples, it’s the same wait between sneezes. But this agonizing wait might have its advantages, because, when the sneeze comes, it’s like going over the top. So perhaps I should be satisfied with them.

They are probably pretty loud and gross, so I indulge it more when I’m alone.

PS Get better quickly, Daphine!

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I voted "Other" and yes. I'm indifferent to the sound of my sneeze. I neither like nor dislike it. I've tried, in the past, to change it to something I like better, but that makes my head pound so I stopped :blushing:

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I voted "other" for the first one. I don't really get turned on or off by the actual sound of my own sneezes. I'll let you guys decide whether or not the sound of my sneeze is good :P

And I voted "yes" for the other one. I really do like the feeling of my own sneezing, and that's what turns me on other than reading/hearing about/listening to/seeing female sneezes :drool::)

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i voted 'yes' for both.....actually my sneeze always give me gr8 relief....and i am also very comfortable with my sneeze....

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