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Saturday Customer Ob- Male


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So, I worked kind of the late morning shift on Saturday, and about an hour after I got there, my co-worker went on lunch. And that was right about the time it usually starts getting busy at the service desk. We do customer service, but now also get the lovely job of making keys. Yuck! I had a customer, that wanted 6 keys all together, and wanted two different colors and all of this stuff. So, it took me awhile to finish that project.

In the meantime, I had a young guy (he was a year and a half younger than me, so still young, right? :bawl: ) come to the desk with his wife and kid, and wanted to open a charge account. I gave him an application and my pen, and told him to fill everything out, that I'd be with him shortly.

I worked on the keys, while he filled it out, and as he was doing that, I heard him and his wife talking about the home improvement project they were getting the card for. I didn't hear all the details, but at one point, I kind of peeked over at them, and it sounded a bit, um, heated. He stopped filling out the application, and turned towards her. He started to speak, and then stopped. He sneezed, but I missed seeing it. I certainly heard it, though, because it was one of the most unusual ones I've heard in awhile. It sounded like, "Huhn-tschuh!" It wasn't particularly loud, but I definitely heard it, and of course, I stopped paying attention to the keys and looked back at him. He was not handsome, but definitely a good-looking guy in his own way. He wore a baseball cap, Buddy Holly-type thick black glasses, and had some nice features. His nose was actually kind of small and cute. Well, as I looked back at him, that little nose was all red and sniffly. He rubbed it a few times and continued arguing talking to his wife.

Since I kept a stray eye on him, I was handsomely rewarded about thirty seconds later. He let out another sneeze, same sound as before, turning away from my desk and also his family. Neither his kid or wife said anything. Bummer. And because I was making keys, and the machine was kind of loud, I said nothing either. He continued to be sniffly and rub his nose, so I continued observing him as best as I could. He started speaking again, and for the third time got cut off by another gorgeous sneeze. I was in heaven! He sneezed into his fist, mostlt just snapping his head forward. And after the whole episode, shook his head, was sniffly for awhile, but didn't sneeze again, even while I was processing his application. Although, that probably was a good thing, so I didn't get all distracted during that. :cry:

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Oh very nice obs as ever Sneesee. THanks.

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That's a great obs. I've remember my husband and I having those kinds of "talks" in Home Depot. B) I think that if I was in that particular situation as this guy's wife, I'd surely say "bless you" but it would be in a very annoyed way. :lol::lol::lol:

Great obs as always, Sneesee.

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