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Well, I remembered more things, so I thought I might as well post them too.

A couple months ago C was having really bad allergies. The problem is that he doesn’t know what he’s allergic too. Anyway, this was right as school was getting out, and he was hosting a LAN party at the university. After he made sure everyone’s computers were set up, he ran a D&D session for me, because I was behind. And I don’t how to play counterstrike anyway. And he was sneezing the whole time. We brought a box of tissues with us cause every few minutes he’d have to pause what he was doing and sneeze wetly, sometimes once, sometimes more. And he blew his nose lots…wet, gurgly blows. Everyone was starting to give him that “Are you contagious?” look, and he just kept saying, “It’s alright, I’m not sick, it’s just allergies.” And his nose was bright pink the whole time.

Damnit, I had another one…oh well, maybe it’ll come back while I write this one up…

This one I just thought was kind of cute. My C is a leo, and very proud of it…and this I thought was a very Leo obs.

I had a friend of mine over, and C was wandering around with no shirt on. My friend and I were sitting on the bed, and I saw C get a sneezy face. His arms were at his sides, and he started to raise them out to the side as he built up to the sneeze…they were about head-height when it struck, and he left them there as his head jerked down, “Ha’CHSHHH!” The first sneeze I had ever heard from him with no vocalization in the second part. With his arms still in the air, he raised his head, and then it snapped forward with an identical “Ha’CHSHHH!”

I thought it was cute, I had never seen him make such a performance out of his sneezes before.

Hmm…nope, still don’t remember what that other one was I was…but I thought of something else I wanted to mention.

We were at Blockbuster, and I forget if we were on our way in our out, but we were in the parking lot, and C sneezed—a typical “Huh-ISHOO!” if I recall. He lifted his head, sniffed, then shook his head sharply. “Mrow!” he commented. (yes, we talk in kitty noises) I mentioned that he often seems dazed after he sneezes, and I loved his answer. “Well I don’t have wimpy little sneezes kitty, I have big sneezes!” Then he went on to say something about moving really fast when he sneezed because they were so big, and it making him disoriented.

Guess I'll just have to post that other one when I remember it...

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I'm not even gonna lie and say that I'm not jealous lol :drool:

**dramatic sigh** I haven't seen my boyfriend sneeze in months!

Anyway, he sounds frikking adorable and your obs were, as always, steaming :drool: Thanks for sharing!

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