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Out of the Undergrowth - (5 Parts)


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Well Hippo here it is. I'm not sure if I have read enough to understand Bigby properly yet but I found this pairing which was unexplained in the part I read and wanted to write about it. :laugh:

Oh and I nicked one of your favorite sneeze spellings from the sneeze spellings thread too. :laugh:

So here is the beginning....

Based upon “Fables; Wolves” by Bill Willingham

Disclaimer: I don’t own Bigby Wolf, Fables or any of the characters herein


Bigby Wolf, the former sheriff of Fabletown. Can turn into a wolf at will.

Sarah, a native Alaskan

Background: Bigby has left Fabletown and does not wish to be found. In an attempt to cover his tracks he changed into wolf form and swam across the Bering Strait to Alaska. During the swim a storm blew up and the swim took a couple of days longer than expected.

Sneeze rating: very low (but more to follow if you like it)


Part 1

Sarah sat alone on the rocky promontory gazing out over the slate grey water. The vicious winter storms had abated at present but huge swells still dashed themselves against the shoreline sending white plumes of spray periodically skywards. The rhythmic crashing of the waves was mesmeric and gradually her breathing slowed and she sank into an almost trance-like state as her dark eyes ranged the landscape that she knew so well. Her position was perfect for observation; the ocean lay to her left and to her right lay the mean scrubland which in springtime would be frequented by myriad wildflowers and breeding sea birds. Now however a dusting of snow partially covered the spiky grey-green sea grass and solitary leafless trees protruded from fawn clumps of nameless stalks and other unidentified foliage. She shivered suddenly, the chill wind finding its way inside the warm jacket she wore and a stab of pity pierced her as she thought about the wolves and other wild animals who had to carve a meagre living from this bleak landscape.

In a shallow hollow nearby, Bigby, who had perhaps ill-advisedly changed into human form in order to dry more rapidly, lay gazing silently at the dark haired young woman who sat so frustratingly close to his hiding place. She had appeared as if from nowhere shortly after he had exited the water and had lowered herself down onto the cold ground far too close for comfort. His intention had been to shelter briefly from the wind until his skin was dry and then return to wolverine form to stretch his aching limbs and hunt for food, a pressing need as he had not eaten for several days during his swim. Now however he lay straining his muscular body into the ground struggling to remain still, fighting the impulse to stretch his aching joints and battling with the spiralling desire to succumb to the shivering that threatened to overtake him. The long swim and the almost painful chill of the water had exhausted him beyond all expectation and he knew from experience that the shivering would eventually become uncontrollable. He considered, not for the first time whether he should risk transforming himself but again decided against it; the movement was bound to alert the girl to his presence. Surely, he thought, she must move soon. Despite her warm clothing the chill of the air was surely not conducive to sitting around for long.

The sly wind blew tendrils of black hair across Sarah’s face and gently she gathered them and pushed them back, tucking them behind her ear. She found the ever moving water endlessly fascinating, even when, as now its surface was a dull grey, reflecting the darkness of the heavily clouded sky above. And beyond the scrubland too, the darkness of the forest drew her. The shadowy green of the evergreen firs appeared gloomy, almost sinister to many but to her they represented a place of happiness, of exploration on long summer days, a secret place where throughout her childhood she had been able to escape: Where she could watch the wild things, could imagine herself soaring away to the horizon with the eagles or running through the wilderness with wolves in a close knit pack. Her attention was suddenly caught by a movement in the undergrowth nearby. The stalky grass she thought had twitched, had quivered for an instant. Her eyes scanned the area for further movement, for signs perhaps of some animal in the undergrowth. But the grass was still again and the action, if there had ever been any, was not repeated. The sky was darkening above her and with a sigh she decided it was time to move, to return home to the lonely silence of the house where she lived alone. She pushed herself into a standing position and began to walk slowly towards the area where she thought the movement had occurred.

With some relief Bigby saw the young woman rise. She would return the way she had come hopefully, a pathway that led directly away from the place where he lay. To his dismay however she turned to gaze almost straight at him, scanning the scrubby grass as if she had seen something. He sank into the ground, into the moss as deeply as he could, peering cautiously out with one eye from behind a tuft of grass, holding his breath, still and silent as a hunter. She chose a direction and started walking. Fortunately although it would be rather too close for comfort, Bigby could see that she would not pass his hiding place too closely and with the falling dusk, perhaps he might still remain undetected. Her footsteps came closer to him and he lowered even his head so he could no longer see her outline, relying on his superb hearing and sense of smell to detect whether she came dangerously close. He could scent her now and her footsteps, though light still brushed through the undergrowth with sufficient sound that he could tell when she passed him by and the noises began to retreat a little.

A long silent sigh of relief escaped him as he let out the breath that he had been holding for so long and he began to think about movement; of stretching out his limbs, of running, of the kill and the feeding thereafter. An odd feeling entered his consciousness and for a second he could not place it although for some reason it made him uneasy. Then he placed the feeling and it gave him no comfort. A certain tightening was occurring in his sinuses and from past experience he knew that this feeling was often a precursor to sneezing. As slowly as possible so as to make no noise he raised his hand to his nose and gripped his nostrils tightly shut, breathing through his mouth slowly and carefully. Instead of disappearing however the tightening increased and he felt a tickle beginning in the back of his left nostril. No, he thought. No, not now when the danger of discovery was almost past. He willed the tickle to go away and letting go of his nostrils carefully rubbed the end of his nose instead. Despite his actions the itch was intensifying and had spread now to both sides of his nose. He knew without any doubt that he was going to sneeze. His breath began to hitch as the irritation played with him, coming and going in its intensity until suddenly his face slackened, his eyes shut and he sneezed violently, explosively, completely unable to stifle. "Het-eSCHoo!"


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Hello, I spy some sneezing while hiding [m]. With excellent build-up and inevitability details.

Regarding Mr Wolf, I keep meaning to compare and contrast with the Character of Wolf in "The Tenth Kingdom". Though not himself a sneezer, he is present at the crucial SwH [f] scene, and indeed during the establishing sneeze sequence is perhaps unduly solicitous of the sneezy Virginia; it's almost as if she were bursting into tears.

The Serotica write up of that incident is not in female stories , as one might suppose, as SwH seems to count as "Other".

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You... you have NO idea how unbeleivably zonked i am right now.

I mean, i saw this and was like :omg: and i printed it out before i read it, grabbed the document and curled up in the corner of my bed to read it. No joke :lol:

I swear, the whole time i was reading this OMFGYARGHGLEDEYGAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! piece of AMAZING i was biting my knee to stop myself squealing.


You have no idea.... how freakishly grateful i am right now. My whole BODY is rigid. :blink:

Im quite out of breath now.

Hurr.... :)


On a more observative note, im so very glad you used the Wolves book :wub: I mean, it IS all about Bigby, and he's just swam across a cold SEA :rolleyes:

You got the sneeze sound PERFECT by the way. It's really JUST how i imagined it to be :drool:

I love your descriptive style too. It's not too descriptive and slow, but it's detailed enough to give you a vivd picture....

Holy crap :cryhappy:


*takes a deep breath*


No one has EVER written Fables crack for me.... I'm so unbelievably grateful i cant THINK. :dead:

If there's anything you'd like to see drawn, just name your character. Seriously, i could run around the city and back and not get tired :lol:

*sigh* :cryhappy:

I'm off to read it again....

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Well here's some more for you (hippo). I hope you enjoy it and don't get too bogged down in all the description. :)

And to any other kind person who may be reading this, welcome and thanks very much.

Monsieur le Compte, you are welcome as ever. Though I think Ms Piper is unlikely to make an unscheduled appearance here! :lol:

So without furher ado, here is......

Part 2

"Ha-eSCHOOO!" The second sneeze was louder and more harsh, following on without interval from the first; no time for avoidance or stifling. The game was up anyway Bigby thought ruefully. Despite the distracting irritation still plaguing his twitching nostrils he heard the footsteps pause and reverse their direction. He lay still, eyes half shut, measuring the ebb and flow of each breath, his chest rising and falling more erratically as a third explosion overcame him.

“TSHOO!” A pair of brown leather boots came into view, slim and feminine though well worn and comfortable. His eyes rose upwards taking in curvaceous denim-clad thighs and a slim waist, currently padded under a fur lined jacket. Her face was hidden in shadow against the darkening sky as she looked down at him, only the glittering anxiety in her bright eyes visible. He was suddenly more aware than ever of his nakedness. A feeling of heat scorched his face despite the chill of his body and a sudden shiver ran down his spine, raising the thick hair that covered his shoulders despite his transformation.

Sarah looked down at the muscular naked body that lay before her, puzzled and concerned. The man’s blunt features were craggy, his brow wrinkled, but there was something about him that drew her; something wild. His third sneeze seemed to have alleviated some of his discomfort but as she watched, she saw the uncontrolled shudder that overcame him as he lifted his head and a sound, almost like a growl emanated from deep within his throat.

“Are you ………..alright?” her voice was hesitant; there was surely something wrong for him to be lying here in the middle of nowhere, unclothed and alone, but something in his expression discouraged interference or even sympathy.

“I’m fine.” The growl reached her ears, its tone scathing, sending along with the words a clear unspoken message: Leave me alone.

A blast of cold air touched her back, blowing her hair into her face. She watched the rippling movement of the wind as it ran down his body ruffling the dark brown hairs that lay so thickly over his hackles. Hackles? The word entered her head unbidden before its inappropriateness struck her. She frowned as another bout of shivering overtook him, this time less controlled. She took a deep breath, keeping her voice steady, carefully showing no emotion.

“It’s cold and night is falling,” she knew she was stating the obvious. She tried again: “Did you….” she paused deep in thought “…..fall from a ship?”

Bigby was silent for a moment, torn between flight and capitulation. To flee would require a return to his wolverine form, escape into the forest to hunt, a return to wildness and silence. To do so, he would have to reveal himself to her with all the inherent risks of being hunted down. Werewolf! He knew only too well the fear the word inspired. As he lay at her feet another tremor overtook him, running the length of his spine and right down to his feet, chill striking him from the air above and the ground below. The remaining warmth was leached from his body into the hard earth beneath him and a wave of weakness washed over him. He closed his eyes, angry at the descending night, at the chill of the wind, at her. But mostly he cursed his own body, traitorous as it was, giving him away and leaving him without strength at the time it was most needed.

Ominously, his nose had begun to tickle again. He rubbed his finger along it distractedly, a small growl escaping him. He cleared his throat, which suddenly seemed unusually dry and sore.

“Yes.” The single word came out in a low rasp; his vocal chords seemed thickened and the vibrations, if anything increased the nasal irritation.

“I’m sorry?” she spoke again, her voice low and melodic, contrasting with his guttural tone.

“A ship,” he managed. “I fell from a …sh…..uh…ship.” Even as the lie left his lips the sneeze threatened to overtake him and his shut his jaws with a snap, holding his breath in irritation, eyes narrowed. He risked another glance up at her. She was bending towards him as if to reach out and touch his forehead and angrily he edged away from her outstretched hand. Sensing his movement she withdrew her fingers but remained beside him, crouching close to his head.

“Are you unwell?”

Yet another low growl escaped him and he glared up at her, eyes flashing.

“I’m fine.” He ground out. "Het-eSSCHoo!......ugh” his traitorous body betrayed him once more and he swore roughly under his breath, cursing the chills that were coursing through his body.

“You don’t sound it.”

Damn her! Why was she so persistent? “I’m fine,” he repeated curtly. “Leave me alone.”

Sarah stared down at him in disbelief. Here he was, devoid of all possessions, chilled to the bone in the descending darkness and arguing with her. She was tempted to do as he demanded, to walk away and leave him but something inside her was stirring. She was angry, yes, and her stubbornness on its own might have led her to ignore his dismissal. But beneath that hard emotion lay a faint warmth deep inside which she could hardly place. It came again, that slight murmur of feeling as she saw his eyes narrowing to sneeze once more; despite his obvious efforts he was unable to retain control of his wayward body. She removed her jacket, revealing a loosely buttoned plaid shirt over a light blue vest. She saw his eyes move restlessly over her shape, taking in the slimess of her naked midriff, his pupils dilating in the gathering gloom. Shivering herself now, she deliberately turned her back on him, at the same time holding out her jacket. After a moment’s hesitation she felt his cold hand touch hers as he took the fur-lined coat, wrapping it around his loins and stiffly standing up.

“Can you walk?” she asked, her voice deliberately cool.

“Of course,” his reply was glacial.

She turned away from him without further speech and picked her way through the scrub, heading towards the darkness of the forest. He fell in behind her, his bare feet silent in the snow dusted grass. If she was surprised at the ease with which he followed her in his unshod state she did not show it. Her pace increased as she reached the edge of the forest and she joined a narrow track which wound beneath the trees into the darkness. He followed close on her heels, pursuing her with difficulty in the gloom. His normally acute sense of smell seemed to have failed him, he realised with some consternation but he was loathe to reach out and touch her, to alert her to his difficulty. Grimly he trod close behind her keeping her carefully within the narrow confines of his sight. How could she move through the undergrowth with such confidence, he wondered to himself.

Sarah trod the path carefully in the darkness, concentrating fiercely and yet somehow becoming one with the darkness, the closely knitted trees familiar around her, sensed rather than seen. He followed close upon her heels. So close she could feel his breath sometimes on her bare neck sending slight shivers down her spine as the warmth mingled with the night air. Suddenly with a sharp intake of breath he sneezed once more. She felt the heat as the air was expelled onto her neck and the chill of the following spray tingled onto her neck sending delightful shivers down her spine.

TBC (if you are still enjoying it)

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Well, he really is seriously gorgeous, isn't he? I can quite see why one would want to have one's neck sneezed on by him, especially when half-naked.

but Miss Piper is a gifted actress, who is surely more than welcome anywhere............

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Well, he really is seriously gorgeous, isn't he? I can quite see why one would want to have one's neck sneezed on by him, especially when half-naked.

but Miss Piper is a gifted actress, who is surely more than welcome anywhere............

OK, just wait right there whilst I get a bucket of cold water..........

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:shocking: Holy...... smouldering toast. It's......

Amazing :cryhappy:

REally, it's an absolute JOY, every word of it :blushing:

I love it more than you know. I've saved it and this is the second time i've read it before posting. yeeaaaAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!


And you got the characterisation PERFECT!!!

It's one of those stories that you can SEE every thing. :omg:

Hujh...juh...wuh? STILL ENJOYING IT?! Dude... im LOVING it!!! Every FREAKING SECOND!!! Never think that every word of this isn't going straight into my salivating mouth.... ok well that wasnt a nice image... :unsure:

In other words, im loving this. Absolutely and posotively. Thankyou :hug: Thankyou SO much :wub:

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This is a bit short but came to a natural break and there's no time to do more right now so I'll put it up anyway and add more soon. Hope you enjoy it muchly. I am........

Count, Hippo, you know I love you both. Thanks as ever for commenting.

Part 3

Sarah’s feet faltered and stopped, as if of their own accord and Bigby halted too, narrowly avoiding banging into her. Annoyed as he had been with her persistence before, he felt his cheeks flushing and his ears burned with embarrassment at what he had just done. Goddamn it he must be coming down with something to lose control so badly. Sarah’s hand involuntarily moved to her neck and a sound somewhere between a sigh and a moan escaped her. The small noise reached Bigby’s ears, which were still functioning perfectly.........the only part of him that was, he thought grimly to himself.

“I’m sorry,” he ground out, his brow wrinkling in frustration. Disgusting, he thought. How could she not be horrified? Sarah bit her lip in the darkness. Her body was still quivering and tingling as she struggled to breathe regularly. The silence lengthened between them.

“I’m sorry, I cou…” Bigby stopped, suddenly feeling Sarah’s small soft fingers pressing over his mouth.

“Hush,” she whispered gently. “You couldn’t help it, I know.” His face felt hot against her fingers and she slid her hand softly up to his forehead, assessing carefully, her cool hand slipping further back and stroking through his still damp hair.

“You’re burning up,” she murmured. Bigby could only think how soft and cool her hand felt as it ran over his burning brow and soothingly onwards into his hair and he had to fight a sudden urge to nuzzle against her palm. He pulled away once more angry at her for her femininity and at himself for his weakness.

“I’m fine,” he growled again, knowing it to be untrue as he felt a wave of weakness running down his spine, rendering his legs unsteady. He groped in the darkness for something; anything to steady himself and with some relief his hand brushed against the rough bark of a tree. He leaned on it momentarily, breathing slowly through his mouth and trying to ignore the slight tickle that had suddenly assaulted his nostrils. Why did this happen every time he said he was fine, he wondered grimly, the irony of the situation escaping him entirely.

“Hnngxt!” he carefully stifled the sneeze into his elbow. At least he’d had some warning this time. “HngtCHEW!” The tickle was still there despite his failure to contain the stifle. “Hu……Het-ESCHOOO!....guh…..” a rough groan escaped his lips. Sarah smiled involuntarily in the darkness at his ridiculous stubbornness and a warm feeling crept upwards from the pit of her stomach at the desperation of his sneezing. Ignoring his words, she reached out to the darkness that was his shadow and grasped his hand which felt rough and hard in her soft grasp. Despite the heat of his forehead, his hand was freezing.

“It’s not far,” her voice was reassuring and tugging gently she walked into the forest, leading him onwards. Despite himself, Bigby was thankful for the soft touch of her guiding hand. His head was beginning to pound and the effort to follow her took all the energy he had remaining. Twice more he had to stop and sneeze into the darkness, turning his head away from her, not bothering to cover as the sneezes threw his head forwards, spraying the undergrowth. On each occasion, Sarah stopped too, waiting patiently for him in the chilled night air, saying nothing.

Interminable as it felt to Bigby, it was actually only about quarter of an hour until the path widened into a clearing and the sky opened above them, myriad glimmering stars becoming visible to their dark adjusted eyes. The dim shape of a log cabin loomed before them, its windows black. Not letting go of Bigby’s hand, Sarah approached the shack, climbing the few steps which led to the doorway and feeling for the handle. She pressed it and it squeaked slightly but the door swung open silently enough and he followed her inside.

“Wait there,” she commanded and he did so unquestioningly, his eyes closing tiredly, beginning to shiver in earnest now that he had stopped walking. He wrapped his arms around himself vainly trying to maintain some body heat. The silence stretched out and he wondered what she could be doing as he stood there shuddering. His throat hurt too he realised and he raised a hand to massage it. How had he come to feel so bad in such a short space of time he wondered to himself, feeling the build up to another sneeze beginning in the back of his nose. He fought the feeling in the darkness, sniffling carefully, breathing slowly. The hand which had clasped his throat rose now halting under his nose, pressing against the septum to try and quell the urge. He felt the tickle subside slightly and sighed thankfully, turning as he heard footsteps heralding Sarah’s return.

She entered bearing a brightly lit lamp in each hand. Under one arm he could see she was carrying what looked like clothes and under the other a thick grey blanket. The beginnings of a smile began to cross his features but even as he looked at the lights, dim as they were, he felt a strange sensation behind his eyes and the dispersed itch in his nose returned with a vengeance. Whirling around he sneezed violently against the wall, his head spun and he was falling towards the floor. His skull smacked against the hardness of the wood and he heard her cry out as the world blacked out and the swirling darkness filled his brain.

TBC oh yes!

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I haven't read Fables, but this... Your writing is just amazing! It's like I'm there, watching it all happen. Sooo wonderful! :drool::yes:

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Golly Gumdrops; the poor boy really is in a bad way; he needs a good taking care of in all directions and no error. His poor head; I could feel the pain.

I only hope she's got a cauldron of soup on the go....

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Holy BIGBYNESS!!! :omg:


Wheni got your PM, i went to the kitchen, got a glass of water and a piece of 80% dark chocolate and sat in the corner of my bed to read this. :lol: REALLY.

WTF, the chocolate and friggin HOT of this story = melted chocolate. BEST freaking experience for the morning, hrrEVER!!!

JEEEZUS. And it's SO true to the book... just :drool::inlove::twisted:

Thankyou. Once again and every time, thankyou profusely, becuase this is the greatest gift.


Pancakes. YEAH.

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I haven't read Fables, but this... Your writing is just amazing! It's like I'm there, watching it all happen. Sooo wonderful! :lol::yes:

VoOs you can't imagine how happy your comment has made me. I sent off for Fables (Wolves) because I wanted to write about it to please Hippo and when it arrived I was quite shocked to discover it was in comic book style i.e. pictures with captions. So I had to choose a writing style which I hoped would fit and I wanted to paint pictures with words (because I can't draw). So if I've manged that I'm so pleased.

Golly Gumdrops; the poor boy really is in a bad way; he needs a good taking care of in all directions and no error. His poor head; I could feel the pain.

I only hope she's got a cauldron of soup on the go....

A cauldron? Is she a witch? And should it be chicken or Alaskan rabbit? Wanders off to play with Google as ever......

Holy BIGBYNESS!!! :cryhappy:


Wheni got your PM, i went to the kitchen, got a glass of water and a piece of 80% dark chocolate and sat in the corner of my bed to read this. :lol: REALLY.

WTF, the chocolate and friggin HOT of this story = melted chocolate. BEST freaking experience for the morning, hrrEVER!!!

JEEEZUS. And it's SO true to the book... just :lmao::omg: :omg:

Thankyou. Once again and every time, thankyou profusely, becuase this is the greatest gift.


Pancakes. YEAH.

Pancakes. Yum. You can protect me with your thong on a stick too if you like!


Ohhhh this is good! Write more soon?



Well OK then>

It's another bit.......

What already?


Here goes:

Part 4

Bigby awoke gradually, slowly opening his eyes to the greyness of dawn, percolating through a narrow gap between wooden shutters. His head hurt and he groaned softly at the devastating ache that lay behind his eyes. Too much. It was all too much. Painfully he closed his eyelids and allowed himself to drift back into oblivion.

Reawakening hours later, he saw the glow shining through the shutters was no longer soft and grey but had transformed into a brilliant shaft of sunlight. Dust motes danced softly in the radiance and the silence was absolute. He wondered momentarily where he was and how he had come here, and his eyes wandered around his surroundings with a degree of confusion. He lay upon a low wooden bed covered in a grey woollen blanket. It looked old and well used but the sheets and pillow he rested upon were clean and fresh. A small cabinet stood beside the bed, on it lay only an old greenish grey metal mug and what looked like a small pile of white folded handkerchiefs. He tried to raise himself up on his elbows but the effort was too much and he fell back onto the pillow with a moan and lay still listening weakly. Presently he stirred again and tried to call out.

“Hello?” It came out as a croak and he raised his fingers to his throat, memories suddenly returning of the dark walk through the forest and of his mortifying descent into illness. He wondered where she had gone, the beautiful girl with the gentle hands who must surely have laid him here. His throat was dry but he cleared it softly and called again a little louder “Hello!” This time he heard movement; soft footsteps approached his door and it swung inwards. She stood a second in the doorway blinking tiredly then walked into the room, stopping beside the bed, looking down at him.

“How are you feeling?” her voice was musical, like water softly flowing down a mountainside as she continued, “can I get you anything?” She sat down on the side of the bed, raising her hand and running it over his forehead again in that soft assessing way, ending in a caress as she smoothed his bed roughened hair. This time he didn’t pull away and she stroked his head soothingly, ending with her cool fingers resting against his cheek.

“Your fever has broken,” it was a statement, not a question and Bigby accepted it passively, his energy spent and his body aching dully.

“Water?” he whispered and she carefully lifted the cup from the cabinet and cradling his head in her arms tilted it to his lips. The water was cool and sweet as he sipped it and it ran over his dry throat as if fresh from a spring.

“Better?” she asked and he nodded gratefully only to be attacked by another wave of pain crossing his head. She reached out again to touch his hair and he became aware of another assault on his senses, this time within his nose as a tickle began in the back of his right nostril, spreading rapidly, becoming unbearable almost immediately. He felt his breathing quicken and a sharp intake of breath heralded what he could tell was going to be an enormous sneeze that he was powerless to fight or avoid. Even as his eyelids flickered shut he was aware with a cringing intensity that he was going to sneeze on the girl again, his mouth became slack and the explosion overtook him.

“ATSSCHOoo!.............. Het-eSSCHoo!........ uuuh!” He felt something gentle touching his face. He opened his eyes slowly. She had taken one of the white handkerchiefs from the table and was holding it gently over his nose and mouth. He suddenly felt ridiculously relieved although his toes still curled at the thought that such an intimate action should be taken by this relative stranger. He gazed up at her, drinking in her high cheekbones, her flowing hair and her warm dark eyes which he now noticed looked shadowed, tiredness showing through her gentle expression and a question suddenly came to him which had not occurred previously.

“How long have I been here?” he asked.

She smiled, her eyes crinkling as she replied “Three days.”

“Three days?” repeated Bigby aghast. She had been looking after him all that time? There was a silence as they looked at one another assessingly.

“What’s your name?” he asked eventually.

“Sarah,” came the reply. “And you’re Bigby,” she went on and he gazed at her in some dismay, wondering what else he might have said in his delirium.

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Cream of boot. The soup I mean. She's going to have to build him up, or he won't have the strength to sneeze on her properly.

I expect she's got lots of pepper, though.

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Hrg. :yuck:

Just. HRG. :cry:


I'm coming back later when i have something more human to say than just SLEIGLSKNEGLIEFCNALKFLKJSLMFSLDKHNFLSIEHLWENF!! and HRG. Because neither are very civillised things to say.

I'll just.. come back later. YEs.

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Do i dare to come back in here?

Yes. Yes, i do. I think.

After some SERIOUS skittering and nervous giggling, that it :wheels:

just popped back in to say EEEEE THANKYOU ARGLEGAH! :D

Your writing is beautiful. Thankyou so much :laugh: :laugh:

*JUMPS into the safety of the cheesecake*

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Arglegah indeed!

I expect Hippo will be unable to read this due to her eye weakness but I may as well post it anyway, now I've written it :whistle:

Part 5

Sarah watched Bigby intently. Despite his physical closeness there was something distant about him that intrigued her. Even in his delirium as he raved on and on…..something about snow…….he had moments of intense lucidity when, despite the heat of his brow he seemed somehow frozen inside. His eyes were icy and cold and there was a preternatural stillness in his mien, hinting at a side to him that remained hidden. His appearance when she had first seen him had been forbidding; grim almost. It was still so. And yet during the past three days, when he had been so weak, so ill that he could barely move, she thought she had seen another side to him. One that seemed grateful for her care; sensitive to her gentle hands, nudging and nuzzling her almost like a dog looking for attention.

She held the handkerchief in her hands and looked almost tenderly at the tired scowling face from which the feverish flush had all but disappeared. Only the edges of his nostrils were still reddened and even as she watched, the colour intensified slightly and tears appeared in his eyes as it became obvious he was fighting another sneeze. As his face slackened in anticipation, she gently pushed the handkerchief into his open hand and watched somewhat breathlessly as his brow creased and his eyebrows lifted. He hovered there, the still partially folded handkerchief, gripped between both hands, half-raised, seemingly frozen, inhaling and exhaling jerkily.

Sarah couldn’t drag her eyes away and her own breathing quickened and caught as he hung there. What on earth was wrong with her, she wondered as her cheeks became flushed and an intense quivering feeling rose in her abdomen which she was quite unable to control. As his sneeze was finally released; a wet sounding and somehow very satisfying “"Het-eSCHoo!" she almost flinched away from the intensity of the feelings that overcame her and a deep sigh escaped her as the tension was released.

Bigby meanwhile was looking annoyed. Mistakenly attributing her silence to disgust, he ground out a single husky word.


“Oh!” Sarah managed, and then “Don’t be sorry…………Bless you!” Her voice trailed off and there was silence between them as both studied the wooden walls of the small room. Eventually Sarah pulled herself together sufficiently to enquire “Are you hungry?”

Bigby gave the question some thought before answering with a curt nod.

“I have some fish soup cooking?” she raised her eyebrows, waiting for confirmation.

Bigby just nodded again. In truth he was not sure that any more speech would not prompt further sneezing as his nose was tickling again. He raised his fist, cupping it over the end of his nose in an attempt to dispel the sensation. Instead the feeling intensified and he raised the handkerchief again as she watched, seemingly transfixed halfway to raising herself from the edge of the bed.

“Huh……..oh” Bigby gave a sniffle. The handkerchief fell back and suddenly he was glaring at Sarah as she stood there gazing at him in a rabbit-like fashion. “What?” he demanded roughly. His voice was annoyed and yet, somehow attractive in its huskiness and the young woman’s dark eyes continued to watch him, their expression serious. Was she nervous of him, he wondered. Why was she watching him so intensely?

Sarah was the first to drop her gaze “Oh…..er…..nothing….um..…..soup,” Sarah managed, her face hot and her head drooping. What on earth had got into her she wondered, feeling stupid, as she finally managed to drag her eyes and her feet away from him to go to the old black range in the kitchen. There she lifted the cover from the hotplate and shifted the thick chowder over onto the heat where gradually it began to boil, sending out a warm savoury aroma. At least she could still cook sensibly, thought Sarah, and taking a wooden spoon from the dresser she carefully tasted the broth prior to mashing it. The flavour was good but lacking in kick she decided and reaching behind her she took the salt cellar and added a reasonable quantity to the pan. Turning back she next employed the pepper grinder sending copious amounts of the black powder into the simmering mess. She sniffed appreciatively as she ground, enjoying the new scents as they mingled together and was not unsurprised when she felt a tickle assaulting her own nose as the irritating powder invaded her sinuses. She turned decisively away from the food and raised her head, encouraging the undeniably enjoyable sensation. Breathing deeply and steadily she moved towards the window where the still bright sunlight caused her to close her eyes further as the sneezy sensation built up and overcame her.

“iiiCHEW!.........hih-cHOoo!”, her head snapped forwards with each release, throwing her hair forwards onto her face. Shaking her head she tossed it back from her eyes but her nose was still tickling. She inhaled carefully and was rewarded with an increase in intensity. A further glance into the brightness sent the sensation into inevitability and a third satisfying “HitCHEW!” broke from her lips.

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G-god... I don't know how I missed this before, but I just read all the parts at once, and gahhhh! :lol::heart: I am so in love with this story! I can't wait for the next part! ^_^

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Phwoar! It's all getting very physical, isn't it. About the internal longing, you could say.

Well, now that she has had a bit of fun, what on earth will happen when Bigby and the pepper meet?

Careful with that pepperpot....!

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I.... y0u.. eh..... FOLDED HANDKERCHIEF!! :lol:

and false starts... :lmfao::cryhappy:

:lol: Bigby's glaring at me right now. He's enjoying watching me over the screen while I read, and laughs when i grin. He's not happy with what's happening to HIM in the story though :lol:

SHush, Bigby. All in the name of magnificent writing :lol:

My dear Vetinari, you are INCREDIBLE!! :omg:

Pff, eye weakness. I can read, (thankfully, for THIS!!) :wacko: I just cant go on the computer quite as much :innocent:

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