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Some more random crack!


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Here's some stuff I did a couple weeks ago and never got around to posting. Most of this is based on an RP that I'm doing tonguesmiley.gif

Here's Frost being sick (this could go with Aku's fiction too) and Merry taking care of him. He's very befuddled because he's never been sick before laughing.gif Can you see that I like to torture him so that I can go AWWW! aaevil.gif


Now...it appears that he's getting much more used to being sick in this pic...especially since Merry is REALLY taking care of him now. *wink*


Heh, no sneezing here, but this is a pic of Doyle from a dream that Aku had in which he as dressed as a goth bouncer at a concert and took her cell phone away from her. *giggles like a mad person*


And here's something Chui requested of Doyle with his hair down, being completely wrong while about to kiss Merry. *tsk*


Oh and last but not least my new sig down there is a rather naughty shower scene between the three of them..I'd say Doyle is a pretty lucky guy. drool.gif

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TOO MUCH HOT and NO I just can't take it, i can't....my tongue is numb...

my brain go :boom:

I'm going to need a broom for the ashes- all that's left of my pants- and a mop for the lake of drool I made.


They're ALL so amazing!!! You draw them SO FRIGGIN WELL! Not to mention...WTF???? SEXY?? So much WRONG! I keep looking at them, I can't pull my eyes away!

The one of Doyle...with his hair DOWN?!?!?!?!?! SDKFJSKDKJAKHDAKDJAKDHAKHDAJHDALKJHdajhdkjsahfljashdflkjahsdfljshaldfkhaslkdfDJKADFJKSJFSH


And then...BEING WRONG?!




I'm going to have to come back when I can form coherent sentences.



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HA! I wish you could have HEARD the sounds that Chui and I made over that last pic of Doyle, dude. We SPAZZED like complete retards!! It wasn't even FUNNY to hear how stupid we got.

Green Faerie, you're SO my freakin' art hero, what the hell...:lol:

I love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL of these pics because GODDAMN IT, you draw Doyle and Frost and Merry SO WELL!!! JFLSDKJFLDSKFJ!!

I also love how you draw all the little nuances of expression and the subtle gestures of touch....it's SO easy to "hear" what goes along with it in my head....your art makes me "feel" like I"m really there watching it all and that's UNGODLY awesome!!! ;):laugh: :laugh:


RARRRR!!!! Must TORTURE boys now....*FLEE!*


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has anyone seen my toad???

somehow....when looking at this...especially the absolute hotness that is Doyle with his smexy hair all down....hrnghh......i think i lost my toad....

i was looking at this...and then....i dont member much else....all i knows is that i cant seem to think straight no more.... brain go bye bye....maybe the toad stole it....



i better go find that toad....

(ps...this means it was so toadally awesome....wow...just wow....you get merry's hair so amazingly beautiful.....i must now go save my brain.....)

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Oh. Wow.

The more stuff you post the more amazed I become. Man, I love the colour of Merry's hair! And I love how you drew her hair in the first picture, it looks like I can touch it. And I WANT to. I love red hair! I love the second drawing and the look on Frost's face...yes, he looks like he's learned to enjoy it.

The picture of Doyle...is that a fang I see? Oh, I'm going to have to love him now. I love fangs (for some odd reason!) Oh, I love fangs SO much! :thumbs_up:

But the one with Doyle with his hair down is my favourite of the bunch. Because I like his fangs and ears and I love the shading! I'm saving that one to my computer, oh yes I am! :laugh:

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More fantastic artwork. I love your style! :yes:


has anyone seen my toad???

Don't worry chui, (hippo) found your toad over in comings and goings. In the bacon cheesecake thread I think. But I'm sure you can cure it of any ill effects. I'm not sure about your brain though. I think perhaps Doyle has it. :cry:

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Beautiful stuff, as ever; especially the pink noses [despite the fact that I don't really know who the characters are].

In fact the lady looked so pink-nosed in the second one and so sneezy in the fourth that I was quite disappointed when she got to the end without wronging. And I agree about her hair; lovely and red.

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WHOA, I almost missed these! :wub:

Awesome, awesome, awesome and...um, AWESOME??!! I LOVE Frost's expression in that first pic! Wow. Just...wow. :eek:

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