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An useless walk with final surprise(f)


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Today I want to go to the barber for cut my hair. I was almost arrive when I rembered that the barber was closed in monday...

It was a very hot day, and I was sweaty and angry for be going out for nothing.. When I'm going to return to home I have seen a nice girl on 20 with her little dogs and her parents walking on the opposite side of the pavement, right in front of me.

She was a very nice girl, whit a miniskirt, white little shirt, sunglasses and blond hair tied behin her head. I'm looking at her and I thought "wow, very cute! I liked to see her sneeze", then when she and her parents were right in front of me on the pavement she suddenly raise her hand in front of her mouth and.."AH-CHOOO!" She snezee!!

Wow, I was so happy! My walk wasn't quite unless, right?

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My walk wasn't quite unless, right?

You mean useless? You called the walk "unless" in the title too.

Yes, I'm sorry. I used a wrong word..(I'm not american.. :bounce: )

Now the title is correct :hug:

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