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Allergic Sneezing


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It's been very rainy and damp the last week so the mold spore count is high which is aggrevating my allergies. One side of my nose is always stuffy while the other is runny :twisted: SO annoying! Then I'll get a really sharp tick way up at the bridge of my nose. It will die down two or three times and then come back so strong my eyes water. That's when I know it's time to grab the tissues. I grab two or three and get a chance to wipe the tears from my eyes before, "Huuuhhh...huhhhh...HuuumphCHEEEW! sniff HemmphCHHEEEW! HEEEEPCHHHEEEEW!!" I've been sneezing in threes like that, each one stronger and wetter than the first. Then I'll give my poor runny nose a blow and repeat the cycle: "HehhhCHHeew! HehhCHEW! HheehhhYIIHHCHHEWW!!" The last set is so strong that by the end I'm bending at the waist with the force of them. I'm all drippy by this point :wub: and I have to blow my nose several times and wipe my eyes.

Normally I don't mind sneezing but these are so strong they're actually hurting my throat. After one especially strong set yesterday my boss stuck his head around the corner of his office and said,

"Jesus! Bless you! What's with you today?"

"Allergies," I said from behind my tissues.

"You sound aweful," he said.


Then he gave me a whole bunch of work :yes:

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:twisted: Wow, incredibly hot obs, thanks for posting! :wub:

I hope you feel better :yes:

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Golly yes. \Triples and increasing, messy strength; sounds really good; shame about the hurty throat really. Perhaps you could keep sucking sweeties the while.

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