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Hot ref obs (m)


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This obs will be short and sweet.

I was scorekeeping at this charity basketball game today during a thunderstorm, very fun. And I had the 10-12 year olds with screaming parents, also fun. What made this day liveable you ask...I was paired with a hot ref. Now, you're assuming these obs are about him. You're wrong. However, hot ref had hot friends. One of them was 5'10"ish, tanned skin, tousled brown hair. Perfect looking face. He was just gorgeous. And he came over to help my ref, and he was standing accross from me and I heard an amazing sneeze, so I looked over at him and he had his arm kind of up in the air like he had had it up a minute ago and wasn't ready to put it down. And he still had this insane sneezy look on his face. 5 or 10 seconds passed, and then he raised his arm a little more and sneezed again. But he didn't raise it enough and I still could see his face. Again, perfect sneeze. Kind of wet, bent foreword forcefully. He kept the look for a few seconds, then shook his head for a long time making this weird sighing noise, then laughed with my hot ref.

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This is way hot! :drool: Thanks for making my morning with a wonderful ob.

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