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Guest Descry

This is less an ob than talking about someone, so I hope that's still...Well, obs worthy? I suppose it is. Anyway.

Through high school, I remember a young fellow that shared a few of my classes with me. He wasn't a particularly sneezy type, as I remember, but there were a few occasions when the situation would occur in class, or even in the halls, come to think of it. None were really close encounters with him; we weren't ever that close. We knew each others' name, and if there weren't any of his usual pals in class then we would exchange polite conversation...Yeah, I was a horribly chatty student...Any way.

He was around six feet even - I'm guessing - short, curly blonde hair, and rather watery looking blue eyes. Fair skin, but he was usually quit darkened from a tan.

His sneezes were...Dreadfully loud, as he was, and perhaps bordering obnoxious...As he was...Mostly vocal, they were a loud, echoing "HACHOOO" that were often followed by a sigh or an 'aw man' on his part.

I honestly cannot remember any specific times, but all were generally the same. The sneeze, silence, perhaps a remark on it from someone in the room - or even a rare blessing - and it was over.

Not much of an obs, I suppose - compared to my usual material, this feels like some sort of filler - but It's something I still think back on to this day, so I thought I ought to share it with the community.

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