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Tasha just had her first hayfever attack


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this morning around 2:30pm my friend Tasha called me she's always been sensitive to cigerette smoke and recently had a reaction to a friends perfume but this morning she woke up sneezing like crazy she sneezed on the phone with me and we only talked ten-fifteen minutes but

she could barely get a word out without sneezing whatever pollen she's allergic to she's really allergic to! she works in a factory in rochester but had no choice but to call in and take a sick-day she seems to have it really bad she said her mom freaked out too when she saw tasha said "my eyes are burning, swollen and look like their bleeding,my nose's red and hurts,and I can't stop sneezing or breath through my nose" she woke up around 8:00-9:30am and the very first thing she did was hicheew-hicheew-hicheew-hicheew,etc,etc she wanted to know if there was something she could take that would stop it I told her I did'nt know except to see her doctor and get a percription I'm worried about her! we where supposed to hang out again tonight but it would have been foolish for her to go outside and insane for her to try to drive!

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that sound terrible Aaron, i sure hope your friend does get some help from her Dr. Seeing or knowing someone is suffering makes me feel bad.

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