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Sneezing While Driving (self-obs--m)


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I haven't done a self-obs in a while, and allergies are kind of bothering me today, so I thought it was about time I'd do one.

Actually, I've been sneezing a lot all morning, and my nose is stil very itchy, even after I took my Alavert (Clariton works a lot better than Alavert...at least for me). *sniffles*

Hichoo! *sniffles* Just sneezed right now in fact. :lol:

Anyway, after the sneezy morning, I went to the supermarket to pick something up, and I was really sniffly while looking for it and tickly, too. I couldn't find what I was looking for, but kept going up and down the aisles again and again, because when looking for something at a store and can't find it, I tend to get persistent like that. But eventually I did give up and come to the conclusion that they didn't have it, so left empty-handed.

In the car I was sneezing my head off. Luckily it was light traffic, but I was still sneezing a lot. Here in Rhode Island, everything is about a five-minute drive at the most, usually, but I still had plenty of time to sneeze a lot, and since when I got home I knew that I might not be alone to sneeze, decided to take the long way. I must have sneezed about ten times while driving, but that was only in the first few minutes, and afterward I stopped sneezing. (Except now I just sneezed again :lol: and again, too). Anyway, during the first half of the drive, while sneezing, I decided to turn off the air conditioning for a little while, because while cool or cold air might not ALWAYS make me sneeze, if I'm already sneezy it can sometimes make it worse (and sometimes a cold breeze DOES make me sneeze, but not always effective). So I'm messing around with the air conditioning, sneezing, while turning it on and off, because the problem is that it is really hot here, too, so kind of need the air conditioning, otherwise I'll be roasted alive in my car. Though I stopped sneezing eventually, like I said, and then kept it on for a while, and it didn't make me sneeze.

*sniffles* of course, I'm all sniffly and sneezy again all over. :lol:

Just thought I'd share with some of you. Hope you liked it. :lol:

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Hi there. God bless you! Thank you so much for your awesome obs. I had been missing them greatly on your site, so I was very happy to find one here! I am a newly emerged lurker, and am very excited to be here. Also want to thank you for your awesome site. I really enjoy it, and think you do wonderful work. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


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Thanks for the kind words. My allergies have been pretty bad the past few days, so I thought I should post something; maybe some of you will get some enjoyment out of it. Maybe I'll post afew more later if anything happens. We'll see. I TRY to stay on top of things most of the time, anyway. ;) But I am glad that you enjoyed it. :)

And I've sneezed quite a bit more times since that self-obs, too. :oops:

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Bless you Bondi...poor dear. I know the feeling, but u know i would take care of u :smitten: Besides, what are friends for ;) Ur my doll, u know that :)

talk to u soon love--


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Many blessings to you b - very sexy, sweet and brave of you to post - delicious!


always nice to hear form you on this topic in this way...


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bless you bondi....

And being as slow as i can be at times, i did'nt realize who you were.Thanks for the great site too...Your awesome. :)

right about now i should be saying something like "i know how you feel"<--refering to allergies...but...that would be a lie...have no allergies and sneeze very rarely...not sick very often either...though right now i don't feel too well.... :) and my b-day is tomarrow too....oh well...bless you again...

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