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In Finnish class (m)

Guest Raksu

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Well, today in Finnish class I was drawing random things studying hard (:D) when I heard a loud, quick sneeze (can't really spell it, I think 'HETCHOU!' is pretty close :lol:) behind me. When I turned my head I saw the boy (Sand-blond [is that a word? :xmastree:] hair, 170 cm, blue eyes, pretty thin) sitting behind me having kinda desperate and cute pre-sneeze face and then sneezing again, this time it sounded more like 'HEATCOOU!' :laugh: He didn't cover his sneezes, he just turned his head towards the wall :yes: I turned my head quicly away and waiting for more :]

But he didn't sneeze again ._. But I'll be watching him :laugh: Beware!

Hope you enjoyed ^___^

(yeah, it IS kinda short..)

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Nice first obs. When people are irritating enough to turn away towards a wall, I half hope they will bang their heads with the jerk forward; that'll teach them not to do it again.

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Sounds like a cute guy and a cute obs ^.^= congrats on your first :( as for keeping an eye on him - my advice - eyes in the back, that way you never miss anything :lol:

As for count de tisza idea about walls and banging heads *rofl* now I wanna see someone do that :lol::D any observations ever posted about it? anyone remember?

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:omg: Thanks for comments ^___^

I agree with you, TeaParty ^.^ Loooove desperate sneezes~~

Count de tisza, that would be too funny :D Now I imagine a situation like that :innocent: *laughs*... *Imagines*... *laughs more* :D

Army-girl, he IS cute, so is his sneeze (and his nose) <3 Too bad I know he doesn't like me at all, he thinks I am annoying little know-it-all girl who doesn't even act like a girl :laugh: (Yes, I am a LITTLE boy-ish) ..... But secretly I like him a bit. Bwahaha.

He was absent today ;_; Propably he caught a cold :lol:

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Thanks for a Finnish sneeze observation! I saw a couple of nice sneezes when last in Helsinki - brings back good memories!

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Too bad I know he doesn't like me at all, he thinks I am annoying little know-it-all girl who doesn't even act like a girl

Well this sounds promising to me. :lol:

Hitting his head for sneezing without using hands or handkerchief? That seems a little unkind. And the pain might put him off further sneezing. He just needs a little directional training and he will be perfect! :cryhappy:

And welcome to you. Great first obs.

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Very cute, and the more desperate the better :D and a double :D plus you get to see the pre-sneeze face :D

and about someone sneezing and hitting their head :D It's one of those things I'd never let go and bug the person about, if I didn't have the fetish, but it is really funny... and I'd love to see it just for a laugh, nothing funny happens anymore :D *dullsville around here*

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