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Good Day for Obs (F)


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Ok, well today was unusually good day for sneezes. By the way, for anyone wondering, these girls are my age, about 17 or 18.

Ok, first was this morning on the way to school. I take the bus, cause I don't have a car yet. And the bus was really crowded today. They had to combine 2 buses, and I'm the 2nd to last stop, so I had to stand. I was pretty grumpy. I was leaning on my friends's seat and I heard a "Tchh!" sound. I looked around and I saw the girl who sneezed. She was cute, brown hair and brown eyes. Don't have good words to describe her cause she was sitting and I was really tired. Well, I watched her for about 10 seconds, and I saw her get this really sneezy face. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened a little bit, then she sneezed another "Tchh!" with her hands in front of her face. She sneezed again right after this one, only it sounded more like "Tshhh!" with her hands in front of her face again.

Second one was in Calc :) . The girl one seat up and to the left of me sneezed twice. I was attempting to make sense of the words and numbers on the board that I was supposed to know already when I saw her out of the corner of my eye put her head back slightly. I glanced over and she leaned forward with a double "Hehtshh! Hehtshhhh!" She's very pretty. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, great smile. Her nose is long and straight I guess, but it fits her face perfectly.

Third one was the girl that sits behind me to and to the right in my Writing class. I don't really pay attention to her much cause she has a boyfriend, but she's pretty. Brown hair and a skinny nose that's round at the bottom. Her sneeze was pretty strange. I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't check the clock. No buildup to speak of, but she jerks her head forward slightly. I can't even describe the sound she made because it was so soft I didn't really hear it. It didn't sound like a sneeze though.

Last one was towards the end of the day, and it was this girl that's a friend of a friend. Let's call her T. She's got dark hair and she's kinda cute. Not really my type though. She has a roundish nose. Well I was sitting in class, and a group of kids were discussing a project due Friday as a group. We were all sitting in a circle, so I had a perfect view. She put her hands low in front of her face, so I could still see her nose. She has a really nice buildup. Her eyes close, her head tilts back, and her nostrils flare just a tiny bit before she sneezes into her hands. She sneezed twice, a very quiet "Hutishh! Hutishh!"

Yeah so 4 in one day is pretty good, I think. :D

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Definetly a good day for obs. Good for you! :D And us! :D

My university starts on September 27. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to some nice female obs. I saw some pretty girls that are freshmen.....or freshwomen I guess. If only I did not suck at writing obs.....:D


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