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Yet Another Miroku Drawing (M)


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It's been a long time since I posted on this board...I am a little nervous. Normally I keep my drawings of my favourite little monk in my blog because...well, I'm not sure everyone wants to see me draw him 576 times or not.

But, I was sitting around practising drawing from the side view because-frankly, I'm bad at it because I never do it-and THIS came out and I ended up pretty pleased with how certain bits of it came out. So I figured I'd post it and hope other people like it too. It's not as good as some people who are very good at drawing the side view, but I reckon it should pass muster.

He's all cuddled up in his blanket because...because it's cute.


Yes... :)

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Oooh, that is a lovely side-view! I can't stop staring at his face :)

And his ponytail's jumping with the force of the sneeze :laugh: Cuuute!

The quality of your line-work amazes me every time. I can't get a clean, even line unless I use the computer, and even then I find a way to mess it up :laugh:

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Awww, so cute, SO CUTE!! :lol:

You did a great job with the side-view! And his expression...I love how he's clenching his teeth together, he looks so deliciously desperate :blushing:

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Awww cute! Love his reason to be cuddled up in his blanket!

576 him sneezing? Where? :blushing:

Couldn't agree more Shiny Bug! :lol:

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Aw gee thanks everyone...I'm really shy of posting my work among the really talented artists of this forum so I'm stupidly happy right now.

K.Matsuri: Really? MY linework? I'm stupidly giggling right now, that's a really nice compliment...

Xylaphone: Thanks, I was worried about drawing a side view because I don't do it very often but now that I think I am getting the hang of it, I want to do it more! :rolleyes:

VoOs: :heart: That's exactly what I was going for with the facial expression. Thanks for noticing on it!

Shiny bug: Haha, maybe not exactly 576 (that's my generic number meaning "alot") but I have drawn him WAY more than anyone ever ought to draw anyone. I wouldn't advise looking for them though...my earlier work is pretty crap.

Vetinari: Thanks, it means a lot to me that you comment on my stuff even though you're not into anime! :heart:

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