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Seshy (M)


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Heres Seshy (yes I am not going to attempt the full name, sorry haha...I just know I'll butcher it :bounce: ) This drawing is based off of a "Inuyahsa Peace" by Ryo Fumizuki, the mangaka of Hana Kimi (she's a great artist). So I was somewhat trying to mimic her style because her bishies are always soooo freakin hot :P So here it goes, poor things feeling a lil sneezy in spring...


I hope you enjoy!

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Oh this is really nice but I'm also giggling stupidly because in Scotland a sesh is when you go out drinking so I was wondering if it would be a drinking picture (I'm so stupid) :bounce: Clearly I should go to bed.

Anyway it's lovely and sniffly and I like it very much.

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Oh...wow. Just wow.

Of course I just plain get a kick out of seeing characters that I actually know! (not that I'm obsessed with Inuyasha or anything...heh, heh...) but to see Sesshoumaru and SO well drawn too! I'm jealous he's difficult to do, so much details.

You did such a great job drawing his armour too, it has such a lovely line to it. And teehee, his nose. Yummy!

And FANGS. I don't know what it is about fangs but guuuhh....love....

And what Vetinari said is making me giggle too because the slang word "sesh" is also used here and now I've got images of Sesshy on a sesh and perhaps I also need to go get some sleep and stop being insane... :bounce:

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This is absolutely amazing! And I think you did SUCH A GOOD JOB with mimicing Ryo Fumizuki's style! ((Pssst, I loove Hana-Kimi X3 ))

Anyways, seriously, this is so...Hotttttttt :heart: I think I just broke my laptop from drooling on it too much. :heart:

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Oh gods. Not only is this drawing well-done and aesthetically pleasing to a MOST UNHOLY EXTENT... it is also absolutely panties-combustious. I LOOOOVE that subtly pencilled shade of 'pinkening' on his nose. (I love his nose.) That tiny tear in the corner of his eye. Less is more, as you have aptly proved. Goooooorgeous.

*off to check out your other drawings now!*

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