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More Side View Practise X2!: Miroku AGAIN! (M)


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Okay...see what you all did? This is what happens when people are so darn nice...it makes me go and do it more. :heart:

This was another one I was doing as practise doing side view. I wasn't entirely happy with his hand and mouth but I like the hair. It's sort of a different sneeze expression to the last one, and I'm torn on if it even looks "sneezy" or not!

If I had the tools to colour it, I would have. But I always lose my patience with the mouse so you're all just going to have to IMAGINE the cute little pink nose that he ought to have in this. And if his clothes look different, he's in his nightclothes. Because he's really cute like that. Another thing that would look better if I coloured this...


And now, the colour version! Eh, be nice to me. I don't really have the equipment to be doing really kick ass colouring jobs, just a mouse so this is the best I can do...but his nose was just screaming out to me to be coloured all pink and cute. How could I refuse? (Or something like that...)


Enjoy his cute misery...and critique is welcome because it will help me know if I'm getting this angle right or not...

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OH yes, I am enjoying his misery :unsure:

And I can't really se what's not sneezy about his expression. Yes, like this one a lot too. :laugh:

*being nice to kawaiikitty with all her might*

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Oh I love his pink nose....yes I can see it!

*also being nice to Kaiwaikitty and why not because she rocks!* :unsure:

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ADORABLE! KK, your artwork ROCKS! Thanks for sharing. And if that's just practice, damn! You are so friggin' talented! :unsure:

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*purrs* Oh, he looks sneezy alright :laugh: Absolutely wonderful! (And I'm not saying that just to be nice! :lol: I'm saying it because it's the truth! :unsure: )

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Divided on if it looks sneezy or not... but decides that it HAS to be that because... well... I say so.... :drool: Ok... and it would make the creator of that piece of lovelyness happy. :D

Actually... even though I wasn't sure if it was a sneezy look or not- I love it nonetheless because he looks so cute and sick and snuggly.

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I'm torn on if it even looks "sneezy" or not!

Oh, I'd definitely say yes. Looks like poor Miroku has a bad cold. :blink: Awesome as always, KK!

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Wow! You did an AWESOME job on a really hard view.

I tried doing him when i was studying his face, and i found it OBSCENELY hard to do :twisted:

Just... guh! You got it down to a tee, though.

I would comment like you do in your witty and interesting way about the skillful way you drew it, but it's 10;40 pm here and that's brain-go-to-pumpkin time for me. I'm an early bird all the way.

So, im going to have to love it and leave it for the moment. :shy:

Nighty night! And wonderful work! :unsure:

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Must to thank everybody all in one go...because I almost forgot to.

As for the sneezy expression, somebody said to me that it looks like a cross between "Not again..." and a sneeze and that idea killed me with too much happiness so I decided THAT is what it is! :hug:

To everyone who said they can just "see" the colours...you won't have to imagine for long. I've started working on a colour version. I have to complete another project first before I can finish it but when I have it done I will put the new picture in this very topic so as not to spam up the board.

And VFP: damn...the first time I read your comment it was right before I went to work and I swear I couldn't concentrate for half an hour after I got in because I kept thinking of that sentence... :innocent:

Hmm...I shall have to return to torturing my favourite monk very, very soon! :winkkiss:

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*joins the WOW party*

Oh, Poor Miroku! :innocent: Maybe he wants a hot cup of tea? :hug:

I REALLY like the way you did his eyes and his hand. They look really good! :winkkiss: And of course, the folding on the blanket and clothes is good, too!

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oh this is so cute!!!! i just got around to looking at it...and as always im just floored by how good you draw your monk...... :twisted: the poor dear with his cold.... XD

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Damn...for something that I wasn't sure was going to work or not, people sure do say nice things about it.

So...I reckon, clearly no one's life would be complete without seeing it coloured. So I did. Another one of those "I hope this is going to turn out okay" because I don't have all kinds of fancy-schmancy equipment for colouring with. It's just me and my mouse. So be nice to me! ;)

Okay, this was sort of an early birthday present to myself because what better way to tell me I love me than to spend ages deciding exactly which shade would be the right tint for a cute little red nose? :innocent:

So here he is, the coloured version!

Edit: changed my mind, I'm going to stick it into the first post. Give me two seconds, sorry. :winkkiss:

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OMG!!!! such a cute lil pink nose!!!!!! dude...i wish i could do half as well on coloring!!!! you are just so amazingly talented!!!! *stands in awe*

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Awww, that's lovely! :heart: Poor thing, he looks so helpless! :blushing: I just want to go into that pic and take care of him! And that hanky is so sweet!

I must be a fool, thinking a hanky is cute.... :lmfao:


I look forward to any more you'll make! :innocent:

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