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i was in math class and me and my friend were helping my friend N with his homework because he never does it. he was turned around in his chair and facing me, i was looking down at my book and writing stuff down when suddenly i hear this loud, wonderful "HuhRASHOO!" i look up and see N open up his beautiful blue eyes and look rather shocked. he had his hand over his mouth and nose and he kind of laughed. I said "gross" i don't really know why because obviously it wasn't gross to me and he said "how is that gross?" i just kinda shrugged because i didn't know how to respond, but our other friend who was helping him with math was lyke "why do you guys sneeze into your hands like that" then she rummaged around in her backpack and said "give me your hand" he stuck out his hand and she put some sanitizer in it and he rubbed it on his hands, then N rubbed his hands on mine saying that she'd given him too much of the stuff.

then yesterday we taking a test in math again and suddenly N sneezed into cupped hands and leaned to his side with another great "HUrrrashoo!" i said bless you and he said "thanks."

Also my crush, my friend, and i were just hanging out when my friend said "You can tell if a guy is gay by the way they sneeze" and my crush was like "by the way they sneeze?" and my friend was like "yeah so sneeze and we'll tell you if you are" he was like "i can't just sneeze" then my friend suggested pepper but we decided against it. he ended up saying "well i guess we'll have to wait to find out my true sexual orientation until i sneeze." Then he kind of randomly started coughing and later he said "i think i have a pretty manly sneeze" which i thought was just adorable! Can't wait to hear it lol.

SweetP :blushing:

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Awww, very cute. I liek N's sneezes. Also can't wait to hear all about it when your crush sneezes!

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Can't wait to find out if your crush is straight or gay :) That part was funny.

Nice obs, and I always love it when the guy you have a crush on talks about his own sneezes, I'm sure you are practically dying to hear/see your crush sneeze, hope he does soon :blushing:

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