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Wilson Drabble


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Title: ??? (Wilson Drabble) One shot

Fandom: House MD

Characters: House, Wilson, Cuddy...could be read as slight Wilson/Cuddy

Summary: This was the result of a conversation idea with tma (thank you), and I decided to run with it. Has to do with Wilson recieving flowers that Cuddy got advice from House on...bad idea.

Spoilers: through season 3

Disclaimer: if I ever finish playing with them, I promise to put them back

Anyway, here goes:

Wilson shivered in his office, wishing he could close the window. It was fall, but cool for fall, and the window had to remain open for the time being to provide a little bit of fresh air for him. “Ehhrchhmmpt, eshchhmmmpt.” He stifled two powerful sneezes into his handkerchief and laid it out on his desk, glaring with watery eyes at the source of his misery.

Cuddy had sent him flowers. Not that he had anything against flowers; he actually rather liked most of them, but the ones she had chosen to send were problematic to say the least. Lilies. And he was desperately allergic to them. He had set them in a corner of his office away from his desk, but in the small, enclosed space, they couldn’t be far enough away, hence the open window. And of course, he couldn’t bring himself to throw them out just yet. They were from Cuddy. And she was his boss. And he didn’t want to offend her. He gingerly rubbed his eyes and blew his nose.

He heard a rap at the door and looked up. “Co-“ He stopped to clear his throat. “Come in.” He called, praying he didn’t sound as congested as he thought he did. A second later, the door opened and Cuddy walked in.

“Hey. Did you get the…” She trailed off, looking at him. “Are you alright?”

“Fine.” He sniffled.

“You don’t look fine.” She crossed over to the desk to take a closer look at him and took in his red, watery eyes and running nose.

“It’s nothi…” He held up his hand and grabbed for the handkerchief. “Ihhcshushhh, Ixxchmmmpt. It’s dothing.” He set the dampening handkerchief on his desk and grabbed a few tissues out of the box sitting next to the computer to blow his nose.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing.” She was clearly concerned, but didn’t want to push things. She had worked with Wilson long enough to know that pushing to get information out of him was the quickest way to get him to clam up.

“I’ll be fine.” He tried to discretely rub his eyes. “What can I do for you?”

“I was just stopping by to see if you got the flowers.”

“Yeah.” Wilson nodded distractedly, trying to avoid Cuddy’s intense gaze.

She rubbed her arms. “It’s cold in here.” She mentioned. “You have your window open.”

“Yeah.” He sighed, bringing his fist to his nose. “Exxchhtt. Excuse me.”

“Bless you. You’re certainly sneezy today.” She took a close look at him again. “Your eyes are really red looking, too. Do you think maybe there’s something outside setting you off? We should probably close the window.”

“No.” She jumped slightly, and Wilson flushed. That had come out harsher than he had intended. “No, it’s nothing outside. It’s…umm…it’s…” He trailed off, looking embarrassed. He glanced over towards the vase sitting on the bookshelf.

Cuddy followed his gaze. “The flowers.” She gasped. “Wilson, I am so sorry. I- House told me that they were your favorite. I should have known better than to trust him. I just wanted to thank you, well, for everything you’ve done lately.”

“I know. It’s not your fault. Huhchushhh, uhhhrushhh, rixxtschh.”

“Why do you still have them? You should have gotten rid of them.”

Wilson blushed again. “I didn’t want to offend you.” He admitted shyly. “I mean, they must have been expensive. And they are quite lovely. Uhhhtchushhh. Pardon.”

“They’re just killing your sinuses.” She paused, looking increasingly upset. “House. I am going to kill him! That- How could he- Why would he? He must have known. That- just.”

Wilson looked at Cuddy. He had never seen her like that. Cuddy had been angry before, but never angry to the point where she couldn’t speak. “I’ll handle him.” He said, firmly, blowing his nose again.

“Are you sure? I mean, wouldn’t you rather go home and rest, or get away from these? You look simply awful.”

“Thanks.” Wilson gave a weak attempt at a smile.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just, are you sure you feel up to it?”

“Let me handle it. Hiichahhh, ihhtshcuhhh, hitschhushhh.” He blew his nose into a wad of tissues again.

“Bless you. If you’re sure. In the meantime, I’ll get you an antihistamine and get someone to cover your appointments for the rest of the day so you can head home.”

“You don’t have to…” Wilson half-heartedly protested.

“After this, it’s the least I can do for you. I am so sorry, James.”

“It’s not your fault. You didn’t know. Is House in his office?”

“Yeah.” Cuddy nodded. “And tell him he’s being reassigned to the clinic for the rest of the week. His team can handle any cases that come in. I’ll be back in a bit with a shot to help you feel better.”

He sniffled and blew his nose again. “Thanks, Cuddy.” He stood up. “And now I’m going to go kill House.”

Cuddy left the office while Wilson gathered his handkerchief from his desk and shut down his computer since she was sending him home. Picking up the vase of flowers, he marched into House’s office, allowing the door to slam shut behind him.

House looked up from his desk, or more accurately from the tabloid he was reading as Wilson deposited the flowers on the desk. “For me? You really shouldn’t have.”

“Shut up.” Wilson snapped, his voice thick with congestion, planting his hands on his hips. “What the hell sort of games are you trying to play here?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Wilson opened his mouth to respond, but instead fumbled for his handkerchief, releasing several harsh, shuddering sneezes into it. “Hiihchehshh, ixxchehshh, hiihhtshchh, exxchmmshhh, hhhehchehshhh, hayyeschhh, uhhhschehhh.”

“Bless you. What seems to be the problem?”

“You know good and well what the problem is.” Wilson snapped, sniffling wetly. “Cuddy came to you for advice to do something nice for me, and you have to go and ru…uishhhh…ruin it. Now she feels completely awful about the whole thing, and I just feel completely awful. Huhhshcuhhh, exxchmmmpt.”

“She asked you what sort of flowers I might like,” Wilson continued after he paused to catch his breath and blot the allergic tears from his eyes. “And you tell her specifically to buy the one flower that I…” He pressed the damp handkerchief to his nose again. “Uhhschuhhh, huhhhschuhhh, uhhhrushhhehhh, huuhhrshhehshh.” He blew his nose with the useless handkerchief and tried to ignore the fact that his voice was growing more and more congested. “The one flower that I am Highly allergic too. Telling her it was my favorite. Honestly, this is Not third grade, House.”

He caught House stifling a smile, and stopped, giving him a death glare. “What?”

“It’s just hard to take you seriously when you can’t make it through a sentence with out stopping to sneeze, sniffle, or blow your nose.”

“This is your doing, House.” Wilson stopped and paused for a couple seconds, noticing that his breathing was beginning to become more ragged. He regained his composure and resumed the pissy glare of death on House. “Why do you constantly feel you have to sabotage everything? Why can’t you allow someone to do something nice for someone else without ruining it? Ihhhchhehhh, Ixxcheshhh, hiihhchxxt. It’s time for you to grow up, House, and stop trying to ruin everyone’s lives. Especially when it’s the two people who have worked harder than anyone to –to…” He sighed, pressing the soggy handkerchief to his nose. “Hiixchahh, exxchuhhh, huhhhshuhhh. The people who have worked the hardest in order to allow you to Keep your job. You know 2 years ago, if the board had had their way, you would have been out of here so quick it would have made your head spin. You’d be in jail if it wasn’t for us. Uhhhrushhh.” He pressed the useless handkerchief to his nose and succumbed to a harsh fit that lasted for nearly a minute, followed by another few minutes to regain control of his breathing. He worked at regaining his composure; the last thing he wanted was for this whole situation to push him into an asthma attack.

“I save lives.” Was House’s only argument.

“And you ruin the lives of everyone around you. Ixxchhmmmpt, hiichhhmmmpt, hiinixxt.” His anger finally got the better of him as he gently scrubbed at his itchy eyes and he picked up the plastic vase and flung it at House as Cuddy walked into the room.

He hadn’t counted on the impact stirring up more of the pollen into his sensitive nostrils and he doubled over in his harshest fit yet. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a flash followed by a giggle from Cuddy. She guided him over to a corner of the office when he finished sneezing, and expertly, injected the antihistamine into his thigh and handed him the box of tissues she had brought with her. “You’re wheezing.” She sounded concerned. “Is your inhalator on you?” When he nodded, she instructed him to use it, turning back to the wet, flower covered House and fixing him with the sternest glare she could muster.

“I don’t know if he told you or not, but for the next week, you are on clinic duty and clinic duty only. Your team can handle things, and if they have any questions they can see me. An email will be sent out to this effect later. For the next week, you are relieved of any and all department head duties that you actually do.”

House opened his mouth to protest, and she held up the camera she kept in her purse and showed him the picture she had snapped of him. “Don’t push it or it will be 2 weeks. And I know plenty of people that would love to see this picture.”

She turned to Wilson who had come over to the desk again. “Ready to go home?”

“I can stay. Once the shot kicks in…”

“You’ll be too zonked out to do anything. Your appointments for the day are covered. I’ll take you back to the hotel. Get your things and I’ll get my car.” She glowered at House again. “And this is not over. Clean up this mess.” She slammed the door shut behind her and House watched her and Wilson leave the hospital, before grabbing paper towels from the kitchenette to dry himself off with.

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*GRINS!!!!!!!!* Oh.... reading this was so much fun.

I swear that you are trying to kill me... embarrassed, exasperated, trying to be pissy with House (and failing... :nohappy:) and sneezing mid-sentence..... :P:laugh:

Gaaaah.... the whole Wilson/Cuddy thing... just too cute. I so had to re-read it.

I think that we are Definately going to have to have more yummy conversations if they end up with getting really yummy stories that leave me all grinning from the inside out. :lol::laugh: Thanks So much!!

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*GRINS!!!!!!!!* Oh.... reading this was so much fun.

I swear that you are trying to kill me... embarrassed, exasperated, trying to be pissy with House (and failing... :nohappy:) and sneezing mid-sentence..... :P:laugh:

Gaaaah.... the whole Wilson/Cuddy thing... just too cute. I so had to re-read it.

I think that we are Definately going to have to have more yummy conversations if they end up with getting really yummy stories that leave me all grinning from the inside out. :lol::laugh: Thanks So much!!


Oh my goodness, tma said it all for me! LOL! This was great!!!!! I loved it!!!



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