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Doyle all sniffly (M)


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Hi guys! I haven't posted anything in a while, but Doyle was just begging me to draw him all miserable- like! I'm really proud of this one, it's the truest to how i see Doyle i think.


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My GOD, why must you make me lose my damned SANITY on a regular basis by drawing Darkness so FREAKIN' HOT?!?! AAAAHHHH!!!

*FLAILS ABOUT like a pile of STUPID!!!*

You know I printed this out, hand-fasted myself to it and then performed massive "Rite of Spring" type things with it, yes?

This is my brain.

This is my brain on Darkness:



Wtf, I love you. You have NO IDEA how much you made my day with this piece. Seriously, whenever I thought I was going to crack, I thought of this and I could go on. OMG, FONDUE?!?!?!


Gah, Doyle.....:) JFLSDKFJDSLKFJ!


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wtF gaspety GASP!!!

YAAAAALLLLRRGHH!!!!!! :sillybounce:

Holy shit you got his expression SPOT ON!! SPOT ON!!! WTF... :lol:



You are so talented you take my breath away, GF. Just. GUH :)

It's really stunning, is what i meant :rolleyes:

The eyes and brow in particular draw me in.

And HAH! I love the mug. :hug:

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Oh. My. Gawdhhhh. !!!!!!!!! :lol:


This is too hot for words. Oh yes, you have a goooood reason to be proud. Dzzdzzzthh...

How the heck am I going to be able to study now?!

gehooh dfiisekh bmfeegh. Thank you, I'll go die again elsewhere.

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Wow that's amazing. Nice torso and wonderful expression. And I laughed as I scrolled down and the mug appeared! :)

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I... GUH! :lol:

OMG, he is so beautiful!! I'm such a sucker for teary eyes...oohh, I'm melting here in my chair... :hug:

Thank you so much for sharing!

(Aahahaha, love the mug! :) )

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Owwww, Lord. That is INCREDIBLY CUTE, yarrr. I loooove the expression on his face - those eyes and brows are excellent. Mmmmmmmmm. Delicious. Mmmmm. Thanks for sharing it.

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GAHHH! HOW DID I MISS THIS?! Stupid school, keeping me from seeing LIFE'S MORE IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE THIS.

Jeeeeeeeeeeeezus, this is AMAZING. It's just....gah....there are no words! And aww, the teary eyes!

Your artwork is beautiful.

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Scrrrrgkjgfklj. *passes out*

GUH, it's just too undergarment-incinerating, flamingly CUTE for me to take. Auuugh. Just everything. His expression, the tears, and oooh, the hair. LOVE. :yes::cryhappy:

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Aw, *HUGS YOU GUYS!* Thanks so much for all the lovely comments!

Oh, and incidentally, I love your sig. Jenova! >.< I'm so happy to see someone using a BLACK guy instead of an AFRICAN AMERICAN guy for Doyle! He's Scottish, people! LOL And those are good features for him too.

VoOs, I love your sig too- nice lines in that pic. :bleh:

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i must agree....he is absolutely wonderfully beautiful here.....i do think this is my favortie of all your Doyle hotnesses.....

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Oh yes...that is gorgeous. I have to add myself to the list of people that were very amused when they scrolled down to the cup.

I really do love this guys ears.

Lovely work as ALWAYS!

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