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Asian American Male Sets Off Sneezing


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In the mornings, I hangout at the Starbucks in my neighborhood to write in my journal and read. Anyhow, all was quiet and I had my head down writing when I heard a loud HE HE HE CHOO. I followed the eyes of the woman sitting across from me because she was obviously intrigued by the sound of a sneeze, and lo and behold as soon as I fixed my eyes on the back of a dark-haired gentleman wearing a green tee shirt, he threw back his head, turned it slightly to the side away from the other customers in line to get coffee, inhaled deeply and let out another HE CHOO. He took a step forward and once again, threw his head back and to the side, and loudly went HE HE HE HE CHOO. Before he could even recover from the third sneeze he turned around so that I could see his face: he squinted his eyes, rubbed his nose (perhaps to deaden the sneeze, but to no avail), turned his head to the side without tilting it back and another loud HE HE HE CHOO exploded into the otherwise quiet Starbucks. He sniffled rather loudly, advanced to the front of the line, and ordered his coffee. No more sneezes from him, well not at least in Starbucks where I could hear them.

But as soon as the Asian American gentleman finished, another gentleman, probably northern African, sniffled (which caught my attention and made me look in his direction), turned his head to the wall and sneezed two moderately loud, Ah choo, Ah choo, in rapid succession.

A good morning for observing sneezes at the neighborhood Starbucks. :)

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