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Oooh, an original character!

Guest Posaune

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Sorry for the messy, uncolored, unclean line art. I don't have Photoshop on my laptop yet. XD


Alright, so... Everyone, I would like you to meet Mickey, the annoying blonde. :3 He's currently my top male muse, and the pompous little love child of my two best friends and I, for an original story (and maybe future manga). He's the resident "magic user" of the story ( in so far as our story has magic), and dresses accordingly. (Those are casting robes, not a bath robe!) He's a self-centered, flirtatious little git most of the time, but he has some wonderful hidden depths to his shallowness to be discovered, especially later in the story, right around when he catches the nasty little cold he's suffering from in the picture. biggrin.png Fun!

And just in case anyone wants to see a non-sneezy, less chibi-ish version of Mick-mick, you can check out this link. (Sorry again, this time for the dirtiness and the lined paper. D: )


Soo, uh... enjoy? biggrin.png

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Eeeee, he's so adorable! :blink: I love his hair! Mmmm, and sneezing into elbow... :yuck:

Thank you for sharing! I hope we get to see more from you! :yuck:

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Dawww, thank you guys for nice comments. <3

Yeah, Mickey's hair is his crowning glory. :yes: Unfortunately, the weight of it seems to keep him from comprehending common sense.

XD Ahah, I wouldn't mind if you kidnapped him, actually. Mickey tends to annoy me into listening to him or drawing him at the weirdest times. This particular picture, along with the "non-sneezy" one I posted, both got drawn on Thursday, in the middle of my Kung Fu class, because Mickey suddenly went, "DRAW ME. Look, I'll even appease you... *sneeze*" in the middle of our break. :cryhappy:

Mickey: o___o Ahhh, what are doing?! You can't tell people that they're allowed to kidnap me, especially since she seems to have plans to-

*whaps* Quiet, you. You brought this on yourself.

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