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Tsume from Wolf's Rain (M)


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Guh, drawing leather is HARD. :laugh: Hm, anyway, this is Tsume from my all-time favorite anime Wolf's Rain. He's a wolf that can take human form, and he's like...SEX on a leather-clad stick. :bleh:

This is what happens when you're always running around in the snow dressed like that :laugh:


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Ahahahaaa~ I've always wondered what it wold look like if he sneezed. And my god. You put this image right here and my pants exploded. I should go get treated for burns. WHOO!


Though, Hige IS my favorite XD

I still think this is sexalicious <3<3<3<3

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VoOs, I love you. He looks wonderful. You drew him sinfully well and by GOD do I like what you're doing to him.

Oh yes, our Mr Cranky Badass Sneezy Hotpants. :bleh:

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Aww, thank you guys! *hugs* :blushing:

Baniira - I'm so glad you like the pic! <3 I actually love Hige, Toboe and Tsume equally, so maybe I'll do a drawing of Hige too someday :)

Shiny_bug - Heehee, may that be his pet name from here on! :wub:

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alksdf;aildsfjsdijf! Holy guacamole! :) That's soooo friggin' AWESOME! You did a fantastic job (and I think you might have even inspired me to write something in reference to this picture XD). Though, I agree with Baniira. Hige's my favorite, but something tells me he'd be a messy sneezer. :blushing: He probably wouldn't even bother to cover his mouth, haha.

Anyway, I love it, love it, love it! :wub:

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:) Oh, god. Tsume... doing... THAT. Gnah. I'd try to hug him, but the way you've drawn him, he'd be too blazingly HOT to touch.

Whoo, and you did a spectacular job on the leather, too. It looks so gooood on his hawt sneezey self, period.

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HOLY HELL! I could toast a marshmallow on that picture! :)

*smoulders* Mmmm, crispy marshmallow.. :drool:

Jeezus VoOs, you're one talented girl with those colour pencils... :laugh:

Awesome work mate :lmfao:

PS. Spoo, love your signature. We all miss him too. ;) He came as true as aussies come.

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*FLAAAAAAAILS* Oh Voos, you seriously are made of talented-amazing wonders that will NEVER cease to amaze me. *bows* This is just AMAZINGLY sexy! And I'm just going to be like this :drool: for a few...hours.

Thanks so much for sharing your awesome. ;)

hehehe his hand looks paw-ish-y. *giggles*

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Spoo - SO happy you like it! And I do hope it inspires you to do something sinful to Mr Hotpants via literature, oh yessss... :drool:

Posaune - Aww, thank you! ;)

Hippo - Mmm, can I have one of those marshmallows too? :) Thanks. And thank you so much for commenting!

Kisa - Eeee, thank you! I'm glad you like! :laugh:

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Why, certainly my dear :wallbash:

One for you, one for me. One for me, one for me, one for you, one for me, one for me. :yes:

And one for Abel :frust:

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Hippo - Hehe, you just made Abel a very happy little priest XD He has such a sweet-tooth :winkkiss:

chui - I'm glad you think so! Thank you! :innocent:

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Running around in the snow dressed like that!!!! :winkkiss:

What a beautiful picture.

Such a lovely torso!

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Guest iffthelurker

Oh my GHOD how did I miss this?


One of the first sneezefics I ever wrote was Tsume, and this...just...:cry: The leather, and the hair, and the scar, and...nnnnnnnnngh...those lovely hipbones that I just want to LICK! and ohhh the look on his face and...:mellow:

Thank you SO MUCH! :yuck:

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Kawaiikitty, Vetinary, TeaParty, Aku, iffthelurker... THANK YOU! :yuck:

And iff: Yay! I was actually thinking of you when I did this, because I read somewhere that Tsume was one of your Muses. SO glad you like it! :cry:

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AAAA! EEEE! RAWRRR! ^_^ Excuse me... I feel something burning. Got to run.

JEEZ that's sexy. :blush:

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I would never know that drawing leather is difficult. You've made it look so freakin' perfect! This is made of awesome!

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