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"I'm dying!"


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my friend V was bragging to everyone how hot my lil sister looked at the dance the other day because she was his date ,or whatever but he sounded really congested and he'd told me a couple days before that he was getting sick. i kept telling him to take some medicine and i even offered him some that i was saving to give to my other friend later, but he didn't take it. "I don't take medicine" he said. then a little bit later we were doing our work in class and he sneezed this really harsh "HaKATCHOO!" i said "bless you" and in response he said "thank you. I'm dying!" i rolled my eyes and said, "you just sneezed V, don't freak out." then the class kinda laughed because they found my comment amusing and he sniffled and said pathetically, "i'm dying." Then i said with a shrug, "maybe you wouldn't be dying if you'd take some medicine!" He just shrugged off that comment, 'cause he knew i was right.

SweetP :shy:

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