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Hooray for 2 Male obs from yesterday!!!


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So, on Mondays, Sneesee works a full 8 hour shift, because hubby now has that day off every week. And this gives her great opportunities for observations, because lately, it seems like everyone is sneezy at work. Besides several female obs form yesterday, there were two male obs that made me go all :winkkiss: and I had to write about them.

The first one was from ASM Eric. I adore his sneezes, because he's kind of a big guy, yet his sneezes are kind of tame. You'd think they'd be much larger in scale. He's 6'6" or something like that. black hair, brown eyes, cute little mustache and goatee, and that wicked sense of humor that I love. When he first came in to work, I heard him say something like, "I am on so much medicine right now, I don't care." I didn't say anything, but then later, he joked with another associate, telling him he had plenty of Tylenol Cold medicine if he needed it. Again, I couldn't really discuss it, because there were too many people around, but I gathered he'd caught himself a cold. About two hours after he got there, he was in the phone center behind me, talking to my expediter, Pat. While she was telling him something, I heard a sneeze, and it really did sound like him. And then ten seconds later, a second sneeze, and then a third slightly louder one. Pat didn't say anything, but I was pretty sure it was him. Another hour or so later, he and I were in the phone center, standing by the fax machine, and so I grabbed the opportunity. I said, "Did I hear correctly? Are you not feeling well today?" He grinned and said, "Yeah, I have a head cold." I said, "That's really hot. I adore guys with colds." He laughed and said, "Yeah? Did you hear my little sneezing fit earlier?" I said, "Were you in the phone center when that happened?" He nodded, and I said, "I heard it all right." Only, he never did it again the whole time I worked with him. My only consolation is, I work with him again tonight!!!!! :hug:

The second observation comes from my newest cutie and crush at work, Anthony. He's the tall, skinny kid, with the blue eyes, and cute nose. Anyway, he came in around 4pm, and Eric had him painting all of our display end caps. Which was nice, because he started close to the desk, where I could stalk watch him. When he first started painting, he appeared to have an itchy nose. When he was climbing the ladder, he paused and flicked at it several times with his index finger (Sneesee LOVES that). So, of course, I kept a stray eye on him as much as I could. But, unfortunately, Sneesee can't ALWAYS be watching the sneeze-prone cuties. I was on the phone with a customer, when Anthony came walking up from the phone center. He was closer to the other end of the desk, where my department head was working. I heard this gorgeously soft and masculine, "Heh-chiisssh!" And my head turned immediately in Anthony's direction. He was standing there, recovering from the sneeze, and looking like he still had a bit of a tickle in that nose of his. And so, this time, I watched him closely. Only, as he was walking, my department head blurted out loudly, "Bless you!" He startled when she said it, and I'm pretty sure she scared the second one away. Damn her! :laugh: He muttered, "Uh, thanks." And he sniffled as he walked towards me. And then he was sniffly for another ocuple of minutes as he used my computer to mark down some stuff he needed. I really do adore that kid. His sneezes remind me vaguely of someone else I used to work with. :innocent:

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Hooray for Sneesee

My only consolation is, I work with him again tonight!!!!!

Really? :winkkiss:

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You tell Anthony that I said it's about damn time he gave us something to talk about besides how cute (and aloof) he is. :winkkiss: I think he deserves those brownies now.

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