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Hot guy sneezes right on my foot!!!


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OK, so theres a guy in my class named Dakota. He's tall, muscular (sp?), swims and rides bulls, and has a scar by his lip. He's really adorable/hot, and even though he's not my type, I can still think he's cute, right?

So yesterday in English, the teacher was going on and on about this absolutly boring book that I've only read 2 chapters of. Dakota turn his head and sneezed on my foot. It was really loud, and I can't spell it very well, but it was so cool!

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That's adorable. What did you do? Did you bless him? Did you act surprised? Did he realize he sneezed on your foot? Did he say anything like "excuse me" "oops" "sorry about that"? :drool:

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That is a pretty hot ob! I have to say, it reminded me of a guy I had a crush on in high school. I think I may have even written about him once, a long, long time ago. He had these massive, uncovered sneezes in class a lot. And one time, when he did that, my bare leg caught some of his spray. Of course, I was in Heaven, and he had no clue he even sneezed on me, cuz he was a selfish egomaniac. But, he was hot, and his sneezes rocked! Thanks for the ob, and the trip down memory lane! I do hope that he becomes a regular sneezer for you. :yes:

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Sorry for getting back so late. Neither of us said anything (i don't even think that he noticed). Normally I don't really like being sneezed on, but I guess this is just one of those times.

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