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Why did it have to be Sisal!?

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Some drabbleness of Allergic!Violet. Long drabble actually.

It's a lil rough since it's all impromptu from my blog.

Warning: Mild language


It seemed the tables had turned. It wasn't too long ago that he was rubbing at his itchy eyes and sneezing uncontrollably. Not too long ago that Violet was standing around looking apologetic and not him.

Damn it, they really needed to make a list of their allergies and post them on the fridge so that these incidents wouldn't happen again.

"KetChuui! HihChuui! Shuui! Shuui! *sniffle* Huh...Iishuui!"

Zeo winced at the last sneeze and try to apologize for what felt like the hundredth time. But Violet held up a hand to stop him before cupping his hands to his face and sneeze some more.

"Hhn...HuhShuui! AhShuui! Hah...HmgNK!" he stifled the last one.

"Violet, you know it's bad to stifle."Zeo reprimanded him.

Violet sniffled loudly, rubbing at his tearing eyes.

Zeo frowned and plucked several tissues from a nearby tissue box, handing them to his friend who took them graciously.

After blowing his nose and muffling a couple more sneezes, Violet wiped his reddend nose, sniffled again, and looked at Zeo. Zeo's ears twitched as he looked into thoes watery, red topaz eyes.

"Aw Violet," Zeo began but Violet just shook his head.

"Don'd. Id's...*sniffle* it's okay. You don't have to keep apologizing."

"But it's my fault. I should've known better after the catnip incident."

"But like you said, there was no way I could've known you were aller...ah..*sniiiiff* aller...gic..HehGNK! uh. Allergic."


"So," he ignored the tone is Zeo's voice, "why should I have expected you to know that I w-was Hiih..Iishuui! allergiiIShuu! ah....HehShuui! allergic to s-si..sisal...HATSHUUI! HIHSHUUI! hnng. *sniffle* *sniffle*."

Zeo looked at his hands, extracting his claws and glaring at them.

He had bought a sisal scratching pad to sharpen his claws. He thought Violet might've liked it too since he was always sharpening his on the trees outside.

Sisal had to feel a lot more comfortable than splintery trees right?


Apparently not to Violet's nose.

As Violet blew his nose, Zeo stood up, his mind made up.

"What's wrong?" Violet asked, wiping his nose.

"First, Im gonna get rid of that pad, then Im taking a long vigorous bath so that I can get that scent of sisal off me."

"What are you goi...HihSHuui! going to do to the pad?" he looked a little worried.

"Im sure that ass Eyan will enjoy it."

Violet sneezed again and said nothing.

Zeo sighed and went to get the sisal scratching pad, stopping halfway to apologize again.

"EhSHUUI! Blease stob abologizig *sniff* *sniff* Id's alride. Really. *sniffle*"

Zeo sighed and shook his head before going to get the pad.

Violet lowered his ears and bit his bottom lip. He didn't want his friend to beat himself up over this all day.

He groaned as he felt another burning tickle in his already tired nose.

"Heh...HehMGNK! uh. HahMpHGNK! uh."

"Violet!" Zeo yelled from his room.

Violet only smiled.

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YAY! Just in case I haven't made this clear already, I LOVE THESE STORIES!!!

Whee! *happy dance* :cry::yuck:

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These stories are so cute! I wub teh kitty boys, tehy are so adorable! I will read every single one of your stories about them!

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