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More sneezes from my window


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So I am sitting here wasting time before class (heck, I really should start getting going earlier, that class has cool people in it!), when I hear something vaguely muffled out my window on the third story.

"Heh-n'tchu, heh-n'tchu, heh-n'tchu..."

Fairly constant in a continuous rhythm. Quite a few of them. Absolute music to my ears at 9:30 in the morning! "Wait, 9:30 with a 10 AM class?" I think to myself. "Hmm..."

I run to my window in my pajamas, look out and see Salmon standing not too far away, next to a tree, recovering from his photic fit. For such a tall boy he looks rather small from the third story - maybe 'cause he's so skinny! Since it was indeed Salmon, a huge grin spread across my face, and I made sure he turned to see me before I called out, "Ohayou~" (good morning!) He shrugged at me sheepishly, then turned to go up the small hill to get breakfast.

Heavens, he's so funny. And I'm so glad my window faces the front of the building :3 I should probably get ready for class now, too.

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