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Fake Sneezing- M


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I have a dear friend at work, who is not only hot, but a sweet and decent guy with a great sense of humor. his name is Ed. He's an ex-marine, and still built like one. Basically, at work, a lot of people call him Dolph, because he sort of resembles Dolph Lundgren from the Rocky movies. He he he. Everyone at work goes around saying, "I must break you," when Ed's around. :baaa:

I told Ed a few months back about my fetish. And he has gotten such a kick out of it ever since. I only work with him on Saturdays, so I cherish every one. I worked with him today, and spent a majority of the day with my female co-workers, gawking him. And he loved the attention, let me tell you! He was all smiles.

Later on, he asked me to spot him on the forklift. I said, "I'll spot you anytime." As we were walking to get the forklift, he gave me a devilish smile, and said something about faking a sneeze. I immediately gushed, because his fake sneezes look and sound so real, I adore them! And so I told him he could fake them all day long and it would drive me crazy. As we walked, he finally did fake one, complete with the build-up and thrusting his head forward as he covered it. I said huskily, "Bless you." He laughed, and said he liked the way I said that. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom for a few minutes before we got the forklift. He laughed some more. Then I told him if he could fake more than one at a time, I'd probably die.

After we took the forklift to where he needed it. I asked if he was done with me, and he said, "Yeah." I started to walk back inside, behind Ed, and he stopped short, and then faked two more sneezes, back to back. He turned around, and I said, "BLESS YOU!" We both totally started laughing. And he raised his hands, and I slapped them. He rocks, I wish I worked with him more often. *SIGH*

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Eeeeeee, that is incredibly cool :ohwell: That kind of people make the world such a fun place to be!


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