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Contagious (really bad title, sorry)

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Opening the door to Grimauld Place, Harry Potter was greeted with darkness. He followed the others down the hall untill he reached a room with the door almost closed. He then felt the bone crushing hug from Mrs. Weasely and heard "Hello, dear. Let me take a look at you." Harry steped back as Mrs. Weasely scrutinized him. "Much to thin as usual. Just head on upstairs to Ron's room and I'll put dinner on as soon as the meeting's over." "All right. Thanks Mrs. Weasely," said Harry as he was pushed up the stairs.

Harry was again greeted by a bone crushing hug, however, this time it was from Hermione. "Oh Harry, we missed you. Are you alright?"

"Give him some room to breath, Hermione," Came the voice of Ron. "How are you, mate?"

Harry's answer was delayed as the tickly feeling that had been plaugeing his nose worked its way up to a sneeze. "Hechoo! Heshoo! Ishoo! I'm fine."

"That didn't sound fine, Harry," said Hermione, "Are you getting sick?"

"No," said Harry, "It was just bloody cold outside. My fingers are still numb from holding onto my broomstick."

"All right then. Lets go downstairs and get some dinner, I think I smell something cooking," said Ron.

The three of them went downstairs and joined the rest of the Weasley's and other dinner guests for dinner and then went back up to Ron's room.

"Harry, are you sure you're okay," asked Hermione, "you barely had any dinner and you're sniffling an awful lot."

"Yeah, I'm fine," replied Harry, "I guess I'm just used to barely eating anything at the Dursley's. I am really tired, though. I think I'll be heading to bed."

"You had better get a good night's sleep, Harry," said Ron, "Mom's starting her house cleaning frenzy tomorrow so be prepared to clean all day long. I know I just can't wait."

"Oh yeah...great fun," Harry said as Hermione left and he crawled beneath his sheets.

Harry awoke the next morning not to Ron's snores or Mrs. Weasley's cooking, but to his nose. "Ashoo! Etchoo! Heshoo!" He felt awful. Yesterday he could just pass it off as his cold trip over to the Grimauld Place, but he had a feeling he couldn't hide the fact that he was sick for long. Especially not from Ron.

"Hey, mate," Ron said sleepily, "You okay?"

"Yeah. It must be dusty in here or something. Achoo! Ichoo!"

"Harry, you know that's not true. I'm far more allergic to dust than you are and I haven't sneezed once in my room. You're sick, aren't you?" asked Ron knowingly.

"No, I just..." Harry began to reply as Hermione barged into the room.

"Mrs. Weasely said to get you both up. She needs help right away in the drawing room," she said.

"Okay," said Harry getting up and leaving as quickly as he could before Ron could say anything more about his illness. With any luck, he would be able to get through today without anyone, especially Mrs. Weasely, realizing he was sick.

That hope didn't last long, for as soon as he entered the drawing room, he felt his nose begin to tickle again due to the dust. With his allergy and this cold making him more vonurable, Harry almost immediately began sneezing. This was going to be a long day.

"Hechoo! Eshoo!" Harry sneezed for what seemed like the thousanth time that morning as he was cleaning out old trickets from a cupboard.

"Bless you, dear," said Mrs. Weasely cheerfully. "That allergy potion should kick in any moment. Ron seems to be doing much better now. I didn't even realize you had such an allergy for dust."

The truth was that Harry actually had a very mild allergy and that the potion had already taken care of that. This was Harry's cold acting up, becoming worse by the minuete. It was only a matter of time before someone besides Ron realized what was really causing all those sneezes.

"I'm sure I will be fine soon, Mrs. Weasely," replied Harry stuffily.

However, an hour later, Harry wasn't doing any better and Mrs. Weasely was getting suspicious.

"Hechoo! Ishoo! Achoo! Choo!," sneezed Harry.

"Harry, are you sure you're all right, dear?" asked Mrs. Weasely.

"I...I...Ishoo! Echoo!" Harry tried to reply. He was exhausted and it was beginning to show. Mrs. Weasely made her way over to Harry as he was recovering from his sneezes. She took in the pale face and over bright eyes and put the back of her hand to his forehead.

"Harry, you are not all right! You are sick." said Mrs. Weasely

"No, I'm n..Ishoo! Eshoo!" Harry tried to reply.

"You most certainly are," she said sternly," you are running a fever and you are sneezing constantly even after the allergy potion. Ron, please help Harry upstairs to bed and get him comfortable. He is not leaving that bed until he is 100% better."

"Yes, mom," replied Ron, "Come on Harry."

Ron helped Harry upstairs and got him in bed with a cup of tea, a box of tissues and lots of blankets.

"You know Harry, you didn't have to go through what you have today. You could have just admitted you didn't feel well and been up here resting instead of downstairs cleaning. I know that's what I would do and I wouldn't mind doing right now for that matter," said Ron.

"I know. I'm sorry, Ron. You might not want to get so close, I'm probably contagious." He then brought some of the tissues Ron supplied him up to his face and sneezed "Hechoo! Ashoo!"

"Don't worry about that and don't be upset about being sick either, Harry," siad Ron as Harry blew his nose. "I would much rather be resting in bed sick with a cold than having to do all this work right before the summer holidays are over."

Ron was only replied to by Harry's stuffy snores as he drifted off into a deep sleep. Ron removed the used tissues from Harry's hand and was about to throw them away as he thought up something else.

"Maybe I should get sick. I mean, its not like I could help it especially if I'm sleeping in the same room as Harry," said Ron to himself. "That way, I can avoid cleaning for the rest of the week and just relax in my bed until school starts."

Ron then brought the used tissues up to his face and rubbed them into his nose, taking a deep breath in. He then reached over and grabbed the tea cup Harry had been drinking from and took a few sips, hoping the germs that had been plaugeing Harry would do the same for him.

Ron then went back downstairs happily cleaning for the rest of the day hoping that it would be his last day of cleaning for the rest of the week and that by tommorow, he would be a sniffly sneezing mess as Harry had been today.

Ron was again woken up the next morning by Harry's sneezes.

"He-achoo! Hechoo! Ishoo!" Harry sneezed

As Ron woke up, he realized at once that he had come down with Harry's cold. His nose was stuffed and tickly, he felt hot and shivery, and his whole body was aching. When he sat up the tickly feeling blossomed into sneezes.

"Hepchoo! He-ishoo!" sneezed Ron

"Ron, are you okay," asked Harry, sounding guilty

"No, I think I caught your cold. Ishoo!" replied Ron. He then slowly got up and walked over to Harry, taking a few tissues and blowing his nose.

"I'm really s...sorry...Ishoo! echoo! hechoo!" said Harry

"It's not your fault. I'm going to go downstairs and let mom know that I don't feel well and I'm going back to bed."

Ron headed downstairs and into the drawing room where Mrs. Weasely was. He immediately begain sneezing.

"He-ishoo! He-eshoo!"

"Good morning Ron!" said Mrs. Weasely, "let me get you an allergy potion for the dust and then I'll need your help with cleaning. Fred and George happened to come down with Harry's cold and so I sent them back up to bed.

"But its not the d...He-ishoo," Ron tried to say as his mother left the room with a "I'll be back in 10 minutes. I'm going to go check on Harry and get your allergy potion."

"It's not fair," Ron said to himself. If only I didn't have an allergy to dust, she would have noticed right away that he was sick. After all, she did with Fred and George. However, knowing them, they most likely each took a sneezing sweets from their snackboxes and gave themselves colds by accident.

Ron was still pondering this as his mother came back in and gave Ron the potion. "Drink this and in a half hour, you'll be fine just like yesterday," said Mrs. Weasely.

Ron took the potion and one hour later, he wasn't any better.

"He-echoo! Echoo! He-ishoo! He-achoo!" sneezed Ron.

"Ron, dear, are you feeling all right," asked Mrs. Weasely.

"Of course mom, why do you ask?" asked Ron, playing along.

"Well, you took your potion over an hour ago and are still sneezing quite a lot. Have you come down with Harry's cold as well?" she asked.

"N..No Ishoo! He-shoo! Shoo!" Ron sneezed violently.

Mrs. Weasely came over with that knowing look in her eyes and felt her son's forehead.

"Ron, you're running a fever," said Mrs. Weasely. "Get yourself up to bed and feel better."

"Yes, mom," replied Ron as he practically ran upstairs to get into bed and get some rest.

He found Fred and Harry there playing chess as George looked on.

He announced his entrance with a sneeze. "Ishoo."

"Hey, Ron," said Harry, "Sorry you're sick."

"It's not your fault H...Harry. Ashoo! Hetcho!" said Ron.

"So how did you two end up sick?" Ron asked Fred and George.

"We wanted a break from cleaning so we decided to try out our sneezing sweets," started Fred.

"They ended up giving us a full blown cold instead of just some sneezing," finished George before they both sneezed at the same time.

"I had a feeling it was something like that," said Ron, "you were barely around Harry yesterday.

"Want to play some chess, Ron," asked Harry as he blew his nose into a handkercheif supplied earlier by Mrs. Weasely.

"No, thanks," said Ron, "I think I'm just going to get some seep."

"All right," said Harry, "feel better.

"Thanks mate," said Ron as he drifted off to sleep.


Thanks to everyone for reading this.

Comments would be appreciated:)

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WOW!!!! Brilliant! Denial AND deliberate catching of a cold all in one fic! You are my hero! Any chance of more? Perhaps with Hermione and Ginny as well? Or do you only do male sneezing? Either way, really glad you posted this, thanks!


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Hello Blah! :blink:

Nice story and wicked Ron! :boom:


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I loved this! I was desperately searching around here looking for contagion and came across this, I loved it! We need more stories here like this...

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