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So as I have previously mentioned, I am usually at my sneeziest in the morning. Today was no exception. I woke up, and popped a chewing into my mouth, to help remove that nasty feeling in your mouth when you first wake up. It was a cinammon gum, and it kinda made me wanna sneeze almost as soon as I placed it in my mouth.

So I step outside on my balcony to look at the sun, and I take the gum out of my mouth and keep it in my fingers. Don't wanna ruin a perfectly good piece of gum now would we? :flowers:

Three seconds later Hack-isshhh.

But I wasn't done. I knew there was at least one more. A few seconds later.....Hack-bouv-chaaaa! :jawdrop: I could have sworn I woke up everyone in the neighborhood. I was done at this point, so I popped the chewing gum back into my mouth. :lol:

I sneezed two more sneezes since, two singles, but I forgot how they sounded. Sorry. :dribble:

Hope you enjoyed. :devil2:


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Indeed, I too love morning sneezes. I rarely sneeze naturally anymore it seems, but when I happen to it's usually in the mornings too. Bless you, Lamborghini. :dribble:

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